23 Ecommerce Experts Reveal Their #1 Tip For Increasing Sales

Last week, Michaela reached out to some e-commerce experts and asked,

“In 250 words or less, what is the #1 tip you can share for how to increase online sales?” 

We got the responses from 23 people and put them into an infographic.

While there are a lot of bite-sized tips, you can pick one or two to really expand on.

For example, the tip about choosing a trending niche in high demand is a big tip. We’ve had people make over $50k in a couple days in LHS by following that tip.

There’s another one about using contests and promotions. If you have a traditional store you can do a giveaway like I’ve blogged about before here, or you could use something like AMZ to run a promotion for an LHS-style store.

Check out the advice below, download it here, or pin it here:

Download here or pin here.

I hope this helps give you some a-ha’s – please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

23 Ecommerce Experts Reveal Their #1 Tip For Increasing Sales

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