5+ Best product trends for Valentine’s Day (+ updated product mockups)

Valentine's day product trends 2024
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From popular color schemes and design elements to emerging customer preferences, product trends are shaping the Valentine’s Day market. Whether you’re an Etsy seller, Amazon merchant, or print-on-demand enthusiast, I want to talk about creating standout products that capture the essence of Valentine’s Day 2024.

Plus, don’t miss my updated Valentine’s Day product mockups, designed to help you showcase your creations in the best possible light. Let’s take a look at the latest Valentine’s Day trends and insights. That way, you can elevate your Valentine’s Day product offerings and earn more sales.

Product trends 2024 – The color berry

Berry tones are making a splash as the color of the season. This rich hue is perfect for complementing the romantic vibes of Valentine’s Day.

If you want to capitalize on this trend and create some of the top selling products online, you can include berry tones in your print-on-demand product designs. That way, you add a touch of sophistication and warmth with this romantic and grown-up shade.

Here are some ways you can use the color berry effectively in their designs:


Create stylish t-shirts, hoodies, or socks featuring berry-colored patterns or simple, bold designs that make the most of this vibrant hue.

Home decor

Design throw pillows, blankets, coasters, or wall art that showcase the beauty of berry tones. Geometric patterns, floral motifs, or abstract designs can all work well with this color scheme.

Greeting cards

For Valentine’s Day, design cards with Valentine’s Day messages that incorporate berry tones in romantic designs. This can be a great way to capture the holiday spirit.

Custom prints

If you offer custom prints, consider creating designs that feature personalized messages or artwork in berry tones, catering to customers looking for unique gifts.

Here are some examples of products featuring the color berry from Etsy and Amazon: 

Valentine's day product trends 2024

Image Source

Valentine's day product trends 2024

Image Source

Etsy and Amazon product trends – Digital mini prints 

Valentine’s Day, digital mini prints are a popular item on Etsy and Amazon. They can be a great addition to your print-on-demand store. Mini prints are small. They are no bigger than a sheet of paper. They often feature romantic or whimsical designs perfect for gifting or decorating small spaces.

Here are some design ideas for your Valentine’s Day, digital mini prints: 

Love quotes

Create mini prints featuring classic love quotes (just be mindful of copyright issues). Or come up with original romantic phrases paired with elegant typography.

Floral patterns

Design mini prints with intricate floral patterns in shades of red, pink, berry, and white, symbolizing love and romance.

Cute animals

Illustrate adorable animals like pandas, foxes, or kittens in sweet, affectionate poses. Cute animals can evoke feelings of tenderness.

Heart patterns

Use heart-shaped patterns or arrangements to create visually appealing prints that capture the essence of Valentine’s Day.

City skylines

Illustrate iconic city skylines with a romantic twist, such as adding hearts or couples to symbolize love in an urban setting.

Food and drinks

Depict romantic food and drink items like chocolates, wine glasses, or desserts stylishly and appealingly.

Here are some examples of Valentine’s Day, digital mini prints from Etsy and Amazon: 

Valentine's day product trends 2024

Image Source

Valentine's day product trends 2024

Image Source

Galentine’s Day product trends

Galentine’s Day, celebrated on February 13th, is a day dedicated to celebrating female friendship and empowerment. It’s a growing trend that offers a great opportunity for you to tap into a different aspect of the Valentine’s Day season.

Here are some Galentine’s Day product trends and print-on-demand design ideas:

Friendship-themed apparel

Create t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts with empowering messages about friendship and female empowerment. Designs could include phrases like “Girl Power,” “Sisters Before Misters,” or “Besties Forever.”

Galentine’s Day greeting cards

Design greeting cards specifically for Galentine’s Day. They can feature fun and uplifting messages for friends. Consider incorporating elements like hearts, flowers, or playful illustrations.

Friendship-themed wall art

Design prints or posters with quotes about friendship or illustrations that celebrate female bonds. These can be great gifts or decor items for a friend’s home.

Galentine’s Day-themed accessories

Create designs for accessories like tote bags, makeup cases, or coffee mugs that celebrate friendship and women supporting women.

Here are some examples of Galentine’s Day products from Etsy and Amazon: 

Valentine's day design ideas

Image Source

Valentine's day design ideas

Image Source

Self-love and anti-Valentine’s Day product trends 

Self-love and anti-Valentine’s Day product trends focus on celebrating individuality, empowerment, and the importance of self-care. These trends offer a refreshing alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day themes. Plus, they appeal to a wide audience seeking products that promote self-love and independence.

Here are some self-love and anti-Valentine’s Day print-on-demand design ideas:

Self-love affirmation apparel

Create t-shirts, tank tops, or hoodies with empowering messages that promote self-love and positivity. Designs could include phrases like “Self-Love Club,” “Embrace Your Journey,” or “Self-Love Warrior.”

Single and proud

Create designs that celebrate being single and proud. Use bold and empowering graphics with messages like “Single and Fabulous,” “Independent and Happy,” or “Love Myself First.”

Anti-Valentine’s Day humor

Create designs with a humorous take on anti-Valentine’s Day sentiments. Use witty and sarcastic phrases that poke fun at the holiday’s commercialization of the holiday or playfully embrace the single life.

Positive affirmation art

Design digital artwork with positive affirmations that promote self-love and acceptance. Use vibrant colors and uplifting designs to convey messages of empowerment and inner strength.

Customizable self-love products

Offer customizable products that let customers add their affirmations or messages of self-love. That way, they can add a personalized touch that resonates with their journey.

Empowerment symbols

Use symbols of strength and empowerment, such as hearts with wings, crowns, or stars, to create designs that inspire confidence and self-assurance.

Here are some examples of self-love and anti-Valentine’s Day products from Etsy and Amazon: 

Valentine's day design ideas

Image Source

Valentine's day design ideas

Image Source

Trending products on Amazon and Etsy – “Charmed” designs

“Charmed” designs refer to design elements that you might find on a charm bracelet. These elements include things like lucky horseshoes, mushrooms, birthstones, and zodiac signs. To tap into this trend, you can mix charmed elements with Valentine’s Day elements, like hearts, chocolates, champagne, and kisses.

Lucky horseshoes

For example, create a design with a heart-shaped frame featuring a lucky horseshoe inside, surrounded by smaller hearts and the phrase “Lucky in Love.”


Create whimsical designs with illustrated mushrooms in a heart-shaped arrangement. The mushrooms could be surrounded by tiny hearts and phrases like “Love Grows Here” or “I love what a FUNGI you are.”


Offer customizable designs that let customers include their birthstones in a heart-shaped pattern. The designs could include messages like “My Love is Forever.”

Zodiac signs

Make designs with zodiac sign illustrations arranged in a heart shape. They can be accompanied by words such as “Written in the Stars.”

Champagne and kisses

Create designs featuring champagne glasses clinking together amidst a shower of kisses and hearts. The designs could have captions like “A Toast to Us.”

Heartfelt charmed designs

Develop designs that combine all the “charmed” elements into a heart-shaped collage. You can also include words like “You Are My Lucky Charm.”

Here are some examples of “charmed” designs from Etsy and Amazon: 

Valentine's day design ideas

Image Source

Valentine's day design ideas

Image Source

To help you promote any Valentine’s (or anti-Valentine’s) Day designs you create, I’ve compiled all of the Valentine’s Day mockups my designers have made over the years. The compilation also includes new designs my team made for me this year.

The mockups come in four sizes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can add the mockups to your social media content and product listings to make them more engaging to your customers. You’re able to access all the mockups below. But first…

Here’s a preview of what the new Valentine’s Day mockups look like: 

Click here to access your free Valentine’s Day product mockups

If you want to receive these mockups, click here. You won’t need to put in your credit card details on the next page (unless you’d like to sign up for other offers on that page). This is just an easy way for us to get you your mockups in as smooth a way as possible. Enjoy! :)

Valentine's day design ideas

Around major holidays, many sellers wonder things like “What products have the highest demand?” and “What is the most profitable thing to sell online?” But these questions are difficult to answer. Print-on-demand sellers’ experiences will vary. But keeping up with the latest trends can help you keep a finger on the pulse of what customers are hungry for. That way, you optimize your chances of creating in-demand, profitable products.

And if you’d like to join our “New Year, New Etsy” workshop that has a Valentine’s Day bonus, sign up for the workshop as a standalone HERE or become a member of EasyPOD – the workshop is included – right HERE. :)

I hope you find this post about Valentine’s Day product trends to sell on Amazon and Etsy useful! Please share any additional questions or insights by leaving a comment below. 

Valentine's day product trends 2024

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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