50+ Best Halloween ideas to make money you can sell on Etsy and Amazon

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Halloween is right around the corner; do you want to learn the best Halloween ideas to make money on Etsy and Amazon?

Now is the time for spooky fun, creative costumes, and delightful decorations. And this time of year, plenty of people are eager to buy Halloween merchandise.

In this post, I share 50 insanely good Halloween ideas to make money that customers are sure you love. You can use this list as inspiration for your Halloween inventory on Etsy and Amazon.

Additionally, you’ll learn tips on finding Halloween-related keywords for your product listings. Plus, you’ll find a list of AI-generated Halloween words to give you even more inspiration for your designs.

Let’s take a look at some of the best print on demand products for Halloween!

Here’s the list of Halloween ideas to make money on Etsy and Amazon

I organized the unique print on demand products into the following categories:

  1. Printable art and digital downloads
  2. Drinkware (coffee mugs, travel mugs, shot glasses, and wine glasses)
  3. Cozy items (blankets and pillowcases)
  4. Home decor (candles and coasters)
  5. Apparel and jewelry (tees, hoodies, socks, tote bags, and jewelry)

Halloween art and digital downloads

The best Halloween ideas to make money

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Haunted House Posters: Help customers transform their walls with eerie posters depicting things like…

  • haunted houses
  • black cats
  • full moons

Cemetery Art Prints: Create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere with downloadable prints of moonlit cemeteries.

Monster Posters: Pay homage to classic monsters, like Frankenstein and Dracula, with monster poster designs.

Jack-o’-Lantern Prints: Create a downloadable print featuring a series of Jack-o’-lanterns that have all sorts of different expressions carved into them.

Prints with Halloween Quotes: Printable art including Halloween words and phrases like “Boo!” and “Trick or treat!” that people can use as Halloween decor.

Halloween-Themed Recipe Cards: Halloween-themed recipe cards with space for ingredients and instructions. The cards can include designs featuring witches’ cauldrons, bats, and broomsticks.

Halloween Greeting Cards: Help your customers wish their friends and family a happy Halloween by creating spooky, downloadable greeting cards.

Halloween Party Invitations: Lots of people love throwing dress-up Halloween parties this time of year. Help customers get ready for their events by creating downloadable Halloween party invitations that they can send to their guests.

Halloween Crossword Puzzles: Create a crossword puzzle design using words related to Halloween.

Halloween Bingo Cards: Make Halloween extra fun by making Halloween Bingo cards that customers can download and play with their friends and family.

To learn more about creating printable products to sell on Etsy and Amazon, including greeting cards and games, click here or watch this video.

Halloween drinkware (coffee mugs, travel mugs, shot glasses, and wine glasses) 

The best Halloween ideas to make money

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Mug: People go nuts for pumpkin spice everything this time of year. Create designs that say things like “Pumpkin spice and everything nice.”

Candy Corn Coffee Mug: Coffee mug design with a candy corn pattern, perfect for customers who love this classic Halloween candy.

Mummy Travel Mugs: Create a design for a travel mug (or any drinkware you sell) featuring an image of a mummy. You could also add text that says something like “Best mummy ever.”

Vampire Teeth Wine Glasses: The image of vampire teeth on a wine glass makes for a spooky design that you can sell individually or as part of a set.

Haunted Castle Wine Glass: Wine glass featuring a haunted castle against a dark, stormy sky. These are ideal for anyone who loves all things Gothic and spooky.

Ghost Tumblers: Put a friendly or scary-looking ghost image on a tumbler and say “Boo!”

Halloween Party Tumblers: A tumbler design with a collage of Halloween elements like bats, pumpkins, witches, and ghosts. This is perfect for sipping beverages at a Halloween party.

Bats and Moons Shot Glasses: Shot glasses with a pattern of bats flying in front of a full moon. This adds a touch of mystery to the shot glasses you sell on Etsy and Amazon.

Skull and Crossbones Shot Glasses: Shot glasses with a skull and crossbones design – a timeless symbol of danger and Halloween.

Set of classic monster shot glasses: Classic monsters include…

  • Frankenstein
  • Dracula
  • Werewolf
  • Mummy
  • Invisible Man
  • Bride of Frankenstein

Put your version of these characters (or even just their names) on shot glasses. Customers can buy the shot glasses individually or as a set.

Halloween cozy items (blankets and pillowcases) 

Easy Halloween print on demand products you can create

Image Source

Witchy Pillowcases: Add a touch of witchcraft to customers’ homes by creating decorative pillowcases featuring…

  • witches
  • broomsticks
  • cauldrons

Pumpkin Pillowcases: Cute pillowcases with pumpkins on them. You could even make a Mr. and Mrs. Jack-o’-lantern set.

Halloween Quotes Pillowcases: Easy text-based pillowcases using Halloween words and phrases like “Boo!” and “Trick or treat!”

Black Cat Silhouette Pillowcases: A design with a black cat silhouette against a full moon backdrop. This classic Halloween image appeals to Halloween enthusiasts as well as cat owners.

Spooky Cemetery Pillowcases: A pillowcase design with a spooky cemetery scene, complete with tombstones and ghosts. This design adds a haunting atmosphere to customers’ bedding.

Halloween Party Blankets: A blanket design with a collage of Halloween elements like bats, witches, and pumpkins. These blankets are great for snuggling during Halloween movie marathons.

Spiderweb Blankets: Help customers feel cozy under a spiderweb-patterned blanket for chilly autumn evenings.

Werewolf Throw Blankets: Make a blanket design featuring a werewolf howling at the moon.

Haunted Castle Blanket: A blanket design with a haunted castle against a stormy sky, ideal for customers who love a Gothic and eerie touch.

Blankets with autumn leaves: A blanket design with autumn leaves in orange, red, and yellow colors. You could also add subtle Halloween accents like bats or spiders can really celebrate the season.

Home decor Halloween ideas to make money (candles and coasters)

Easy Halloween print on demand products you can create

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Skeleton Candles: Create a candle design with the image of a whole skeleton or just a skull.

Full Moon Phases Candle Set: A set of candles representing the different phases of the moon, from crescent to full, to create a lunar atmosphere.

Eerie Forest Candles: Candles featuring trees with gnarled branches and lurking creatures in a haunted forest setting.

Witch’s Brew Candles: A candle with a cauldron and bubbling potion design, ideal for witchy vibes during Halloween. You could also make a text-based design that references the Sanderson Sisters’ black flame candle from Hocus Pocus. (Just always be mindful of potential copyright infringement.)

Bats in Flight Candles: A candle with a design of bats soaring against a moonlit sky.

Spider Coasters: Coasters with a realistic spider design add a touch of arachnid-inspired spookiness.

Pumpkin Patch Coasters: Coasters featuring a pumpkin patch with different jack-o’-lantern faces.

Elegant Damask Coasters: Coasters with a sophisticated damask pattern in Halloween colors like black and orange.

Zombie Handprint Coasters: Coasters with zombie handprints in varying shades of green and gray.

Witch’s Potion Ingredients Coasters: Coasters with illustrations of mystical potion ingredients like the eye of newt and bat wings.

Apparel and jewelry (tees, hoodies, socks, tote bags, and jewelry)

Easy Halloween print on demand products you can create

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Spooky T-shirts: Start with the basics by donning a Halloween-themed t-shirt featuring ghosts, witches, or classic horror icons.

Zombie Apocalypse T-shirts: Stay in the Halloween spirit and prepare for the undead with a zombie apocalypse t-shirt.

Ghostly Tote Bags: Let customers carry their Halloween essentials in a tote bag featuring playful or spooky designs with ghosts and goblins.

Halloween Quotes Tote Bags: Design a tote bag that kids can use as their trick-or-treating bag to carry their candy on Halloween night. The bag can include Halloween words and phrases, and you can let customers personalize the bag with their children’s names.

Bat Wing Earrings: Earrings that have a bat wing design add a touch of darkness to customers’ Halloween attire.

Candy Corn Earrings: Earrings with candy corn images are sweet and festive for Halloween.

Alien Invasion Hoodies: A hoodie design with an extraterrestrial invasion them. This is ideal for customers who prefer sci-fi twists on Halloween.

Creepy Clown Hoodies: A hoodie design featuring a sinister clown face with a dark circus theme. This is great for customers who love scary clowns.

Use keywords and AI as inspiration for your Halloween products

To come up with even more Halloween-inspired designs and unique print on demand products, you can conduct quick keyword research on Etsy and Amazon. Plus, you can use ChatGPT to come up with a list of Halloween words and phrases.

Just type something like “Halloween” into the search bars on Etsy and Amazon. This is a good way to find best selling print on demand products on Etsy and Amazon to use as inspiration.


Etsy Halloween keywords


Amazon Halloween keywords

Then, type in a prompt like “Write a list of Halloween-inspired words and phrases” into ChatGPT…

50 AI-generated Halloween terms 

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Ghost
  3. Witch
  4. Haunted
  5. Costume
  6. Skeleton
  7. Vampire
  8. Candy
  9. Jack-o’-lantern
  10. Spooky
  11. Bats
  12. Scarecrow
  13. Mummy
  14. Zombie
  15. Trick-or-treat
  16. Cauldron
  17. Werewolf
  18. Creepy
  19. Cobwebs
  20. Tombstone
  21. Ghoulish
  22. Cackle
  23. Eerie
  24. Frankenstein
  25. Frightening
  26. Black cat
  27. Skeleton
  28. Potion
  29. Hocus-pocus
  30. Gravestone
  31. Wicked
  32. Moonlight
  33. Phantom
  34. Broomstick
  35. Gory
  36. Scary
  37. Candy corn
  38. Trick
  39. Treat
  40. Cursed
  41. Hallow’s Eve
  42. Apparition
  43. Spine-chilling
  44. Coffin
  45. Grim Reaper
  46. Howl
  47. Bat wings
  48. Goblins
  49. Jack-o’-lantern
  50. Witches’ brew

Halloween is the perfect time to embrace your love for all things spooky and supernatural. With these 50 Halloween-inspired print-on-demand product ideas, you can add tons of great new inventory to your shops to celebrate the season.

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Check out the Low Hanging System!I hope you find this post useful! If you can share any other ideas for Halloween-inspired, best selling print on demand products on Etsy and Amazon, leave a comment below!

Get your POD Etsy and Amazon shops ready for Halloween

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