50+ Easy ways to increase Etsy traffic and get more product views in Q4

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As a member of LHS, would you like to learn how to increase Etsy traffic so you can earn more sales? For many entrepreneurs, Etsy is a fantastic platform for showcasing their print-on-demand products.

However, standing out from Etsy competitors can be challenging. To thrive on Etsy, you should adopt new strategies to attract more traffic and increase sales. This is especially important now that we’re in Q4 and the gift-gifting holiday season.

In this post, you’ll discover over 50 simple yet powerful ways to increase your Etsy traffic in Q4. These techniques will help you address what you can do if your Etsy visits are low.

Let’s take a look…

But first! Check out this helpful YouTube video I made:

Easy strategies to increase Etsy traffic in Q4

For easier readability, I’ve broken down the strategies about how to get more Etsy views into the following categories:

  • Shop optimization
  • Visual marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Engagement and customer service
  • Offline marketing and networking
  • Product and service offerings
  • Data analysis and branding

Shop Optimization 

Use Etsy SEO tools and Strategies – Research and use relevant keywords in your products’ titles and tags. That way, you improve their search visibility. Use Etsy SEO tools like Erank and KeySearch to find the best keywords for your listings. Watch this video to learn more.

Research Your Shop’s Niches and Target Audience – Conduct regular market research to stay updated on trends and demands. You should also learn more about the typical Etsy buyer demographics. This can include things like age, gender, location, likes, and dislikes. That way, you can cater your product designs and marketing to your target audience. Watch this video to learn more.

Optimize Your Shop’s Description – Ensure your shop’s description is keyword-rich and engaging. It should also capture your brand identity.

Write Keyword-Rich Product Descriptions and Titles – Make your product descriptions and titles informative, readable, and keyword-rich. Click here to learn how to use AI, like ChatGPT, to create great product descriptions and titles and increase Etsy traffic.

Optimize Etsy Shop Categories – Organize your products into clear and relevant categories. This makes for easy shop navigation.

Use a Winning Pricing Strategy – Conduct market research and adjust your pricing strategy to remain competitive. Use my free Etsy Profit Calculator to get your products’ prices right every single time.

Get the Etsy Star Seller Badge – Having the Etsy Star Seller badge increases trust among shoppers. Thus, it can help increase Etsy traffic. Watch this video to learn more.

Visual Marketing

Use High-Quality Images – Use clear, attractive images that highlight your products.

Create How-To Videos – Produce engaging how-to videos demonstrating your product’s use and benefits.

Include Lifestyle Images – Lifestyle show your products in use, helping customers visualize what it would be like to own your products. Check out my collection of product mockups here.

Leverage Infographics – Create and share informative infographics related to your shop and products.

Online Marketing

Leverage Social Media – Promote your Etsy store on various social media platforms to expand your reach. The most popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok.

Run Facebook Ads – Target specific demographics using Facebook Ads to attract potential customers.

Create Pinterest Boards – Use Pinterest boards to showcase your products and drive traffic to your Etsy store.

Join Etsy Teams – Participate actively in Etsy Teams to connect with other sellers and potential customers.

Use Etsy Ads – Invest in Etsy Ads to increase your store’s visibility within the platform.

Increase Etsy traffic with Etsy ads

Cross-Promote Products – Highlight related products within your listings. That way, you encourage customers to buy more from you.

Create a Blog – Start a blog to share stories, product updates, and industry insights to attract organic traffic.

Run Giveaways – Host giveaways on social media to boost engagement and attract potential customers.

Send Out Newsletters – Send regular newsletters to keep customers informed about new products and promotions.

Host Live Q&A Sessions – Host live Q&A sessions on social media to engage with your audience and address their queries.

Use Google Shopping – Use Google Shopping to display your products in Google search results.

Try Etsy’s Promoted Listings – Use Etsy’s Promoted Listings feature to boost the visibility of your products.

Use Instagram Shopping – Use Instagram Shopping to tag your products in your posts and stories.

Leverage Email Marketing – Build an email list and regularly send targeted marketing emails to your subscribers.

Use Social Media Hashtags Strategically – Incorporate trending and relevant hashtags in your social media posts to expand your reach and attract more eyeballs to your content.

Share Tutorials and DIYs – Create tutorials related to your products to engage with your audience and increase Etsy traffic.

Post Behind-the-Scenes Content – Share behind-the-scenes content about your shop and how your business operates on social media.

Engagement and customer service 

Participate in Online Communities – Join relevant online communities on Etsy, Facebook, and other social media platforms, and engage with potential customers.

Collaborate with Influencers – Partner with influencers to promote your products to their followers.

Find Complementary Etsy Sellers – Collaborate with complementary Etsy sellers for cross-promotion.

Provide Excellent Customer Service – Ensure prompt and helpful responses to customer messages (within 24 hours). You can find copy-and-paste scripts to streamline your customer service and increase Etsy traffic here.

Send Personalized Thank-You Messages – Send personalized thank-you, follow-up messages each time a customer buys from you. That way, you leave a positive impression on your customers. Plus, you stand out from your Etsy competitors.

Encourage Customer Reviews – Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on your Etsy store.

Host Flash Sales – Create urgency and excitement with limited-time flash sales and promotions.

Offline marketing and networking

Attend Craft Fairs and Events – Participate in local craft fairs and events to promote your Etsy store.

Participate in Local Markets – Set up a stall at local markets to showcase your products and increase brand awareness.

Network with Bloggers – Collaborate with relevant bloggers to review and promote your products.

Participate in Local Charity Events – Get involved in local charity events to support your community and enhance brand visibility.

Attend Trade Shows – Participate in relevant trade shows to showcase your products to a larger audience.

Collaborate with Local Businesses – Partner with local businesses for cross-promotional opportunities and increased brand exposure.

Product and service offerings 

Offer Discount Codes – Attract customers with limited-time discount codes for your Etsy products. You can learn more about setting up discounts and sales on Etsy here.

Offer Free Shipping – Provide free shipping to incentivize customers to buy from you.

Offer Customization Options – Etsy shoppers, especially love to personalize products. So provide customization options to cater to these customer preferences.

Create Gift Guides – Develop curated gift guides for different occasions to help customers with their buying decisions. Click here to learn more about how to increase Etsy traffic with gift guides.

Increase Etsy traffic with gift guides

Offer Bundle Deals – Create bundle deals to encourage customers to buy multiple products at once. An example of a good bundle offer might several products featuring the same design theme, like a pit bull coffee mug, pit bull t-shirt, and a pit bull shot glass.

Provide Several Payment Options – Offer various payment options. That way, you can cater to different customer preferences.

Provide Clear Return Policies – Ensure your return, exchange, and cancellation policies are transparent and customer-friendly.

Offer Limited-Edition Items – Introduce limited-edition products to your inventory. That way, you create a sense of exclusivity and urgency among customers.

Create Seasonal Products – Introduce seasonal products to align with upcoming festivals and holidays. I generally recommend creating designs that year-round selling potential. But you can still drive traffic and sales with seasonal products. This is especially true around major gift-giving holidays, like Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Data analysis and branding 

Check and Analyze Data – Regularly check traffic, sales data, and Etsy search analytics. That way, you can identify trends and areas for improvement.

Create a Consistent Brand Identity – Maintain a consistent brand image across all your marketing channels.

If you follow these easy ways to increase Etsy traffic, you can get more views to your products. Plus you can enhance customer engagement and improve your overall sales performance. Now that we’re in Q4, a time when you’ll likely earn the bulk of your sales, try these techniques and have your best Etsy selling season to date!

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I hope you find this post useful! If you have any other tips you’d like to share about how to get more Etsy views, leave a comment below. 

Increase Etsy traffic

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