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Lately I’ve been a bit… not myself.

I don’t know if it was the cold weather (I miss California!), the fact that I want my launch to get more traffic… or what.

All I know is I’d been unhappy, and it was affecting my mindset about everything (personal relationships, product launches, confidence… all of it.)

Anyway… this morning, I finally realized that enough was enough.

Usually if I get upset, I’ll go to the gym and I’m in great spirits again. The thing with that though… is that it’s temporary.

So this morning, I searched for my Warrior Camp notebook. I mean… the event that helped me drive cross country by myself could surely lift a bad mood… right?



That camp was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Re-reading my notes (as well as a letter that I wrote to myself while I was there) has already caused a huge paradigm shift.

Man, I’m in such a better mood.

There’s a few important things that I learned that I’m going to share:

1. Your thoughts directly lead to your feelings, which lead to the actions that you take. The actions that you take dictate the results that you get.

Thoughts – Feelings – Actions = Results.

Basic but huge.

2. The definition of fear is anticipation of pain. That’s downright idiotic. Why should anyone be fearful of something that doesn’t even exist!?

3. Nothing has meaning except for the MEANING YOU GIVE IT. Man, this is so huge.

I actually had a bit of a disagreement with a friend the other day because of two different perceptions.

I was talking to him about a date that I might go on (it was kind of under weird circumstances). My friend asked me if the guy was shallow, because if he was, I might get disappointed. I took it to mean that he was saying that I was unattractive… so I got insulted.

(If I had reread my Warrior book first, I would’ve realized that it doesn’t matter what other people think of me anyway. If anyone doesn’t like me… fuck ’em. :))

But anyway, turns out that we had different meanings of the word “shallow”… and he was shocked I took it that way. Once I figured out what he really meant, the conversation took a completely different tone.

Nothing has meaning except for the meaning that you give it.

4. There’s a tributary effect with negative thoughts. Every time you have one negative thought, it leads to another, which leads to another.

And logically speaking… what does negative thinking get you? Nothing.

Here’s a story that I’ve shared before:

I had a conversation with my best friend about positive thinking about a year ago. I told her that I was going to only be positive and she told me I was being “idealistic”.

“Idealistic? Why?”

“Because Rach… what happens if your house burns down? What are you supposed to say then?”

You can’t do anything if your house burns down… it’s BURNT. No point being negative about it – what’s done is done!

5. Commit to success before you even start something. If you have a goal, think to yourself… “What would happen if I didn’t reach this before “X” period? What if I had my family on the line behind me and their well-being was dependent on my success?”

It might sound weird… but it works.

6. This is my personal favorite. I know that I drive a lot of people crazy with my “word is bond” stuff… but quite frankly, I don’t care.

Personal Integrity leads to Self Trust which leads to Self Confidence… which again, equals Action.

(It also leads to other people trusting you, having confidence in you, and taking action with you.)

!%$#@!%$#@ I freaking love that. Integrity integrity integrity. It’s huge.

There’s a lot more that I learned from that camp… but I want everyone to have the experience for themselves.

When people ask me what the proudest moment of my life was, I have a 3-way tie…. driving cross country by myself, losing 100 pounds, and graduating Warrior Camp. It was that monstrous.

I can’t stress again how much everyone should go. It’s only around during the summer… but you can read “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker to prime yourself. I’m told there are other great positive mindset books as well, which I’ll write about once I read them.


BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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  1. Rach,
    In terms of my question about Ask database – I am in the process of building a questionnaire capture page for Michelle’s e-book and I was thinking that I would simply dump the results of the questionaire into a SQL database and fire off an email to me in a seperate email address. I’m thinking that there would only be a hundred or so respondants to the survey and I figured it would be easy enough to go through them using a Word document or spreadsheet. It would only take me about an hour to do the work for the database but maybe there are other features in Ask DB that would help. I guess in the scheme of things the subscription isn’t very expensive but I dont want to sign up for stuff that I can easily do myself. On the other hand I dont want to create myself another job (got enough of that already lol!) and I dont want to reinvent the wheel.
    Thanks for ur help,
    Bye for now

  2. Hey Glen!

    Thanks for the comment. :)

    Re: Ask… why were you told that you need it? Was it just for that one service? Ask has a lot of benefits, or so I’m told… but for me, that obnoxious javascript thing is the only thing that I need. :)

    I totally hear you about going to the gym. When you’re cranky, you don’t want to go… usually I warm myself up by blasting some feel-good music and doing some crunches in my house, and then I’ll be motivated to go. I’m a nerd, I acknowledge this. ;)

    I agree with you about mid and long term goals. I used to keep a 3 section notebook… the last section was long term (6 months and out) goals, the middle was breaking down the long term goals into pieces (1-6 months), and the front was bite-sized pieces of how I could accomplish those goals. It worked really well and really helped put things in perspective.

    I kind of stopped once I left for the road trip, but I’m committed to starting again. :)

    Warrior Camp was AMAZING. They say that when you go there, you come out a different person… that you’re kind of on a different “frequency” than people who haven’t gone. I don’t know about that but I do know that everybody says I’ve changed a lot. I really, really loved it… I’d take that experience over the road trip, the photo shoot, any of it… any day.

    As far as fear – the psychology behind it is so fascinating. I remember reading a study about how people who are asleep during car accidents usually fare a lot better than those who are awake. I love your story!

    As far as being positive – I agree. You can’t be naive and think that everything will take care of itself, but at the same point, a degree of faith is almost crucial. The more that I study successful people, the more I realize that almost all of them have a degree of spirituality – much more so than “average” people.

    No worries on getting too personal – I’m an open book. I wouldn’t check out a potential boyfriend’s finances either way though, haha… I plan on doing well on my own, a successful guy is just a bonus. ;)

    It’s awesome to hear that you’ve achieved so many of your goals! What did you achieve and what do you have left (besides funding them)?

    As far as Warrior Camp – the website’s here – http://www.enlightenedwarrior.com/. I meant to put it in my blog post, but if you decide to sign up, let me know. I get a commission which I will happily forward to anyone who signs up. It doesn’t matter to me about the money – I’m really passionate about getting as many people to that camp as possible! It’s just so ridiculously awesome. :)

    Anyway, feel free to write back or email me at rachelrofe at gmail.com. I actually plan on visiting Australia during my trip… one of my business partners is Australian and says that he’s the shortest of his friends (and he’s 6’3!). Tall men with Australian accents… count me in!

  3. Hi there Rach,
    I was googling abt Ask Database and I saw your note on their Javascript ‘annoying’ popup on leaving a page. I have just been told that I ‘really have to have’ Ask db. Thanks for the JS tip that’s cool. I’m still trying to decide if I will go with my own SQL database or use a service. Then I started reading this page – u seem to be very switched on…

    Going to the gym also gives me a high when I’m feeling depressed but usually if I am depressed I dont feel like going to the gym and its a mental push to make it happen. Then I say to myself ‘see me I feel better now dont I’.lol.

    But I what I really focus on is my mid-term and longer term goals to get me thinking about where I am going instead of where I am. Sitting in a traffic jam going to a job that I dont really want to be at I know why I am there, right at that moment. It has a purpose. I guess that kind of feeds into your point 1. Sounds like the Warrior Camp was gr8.

    I love ur quote as fear is anticipation of pain. A couple of years ago I took up wrestling for 6 months or so. Long story short – I dislocated my shoulder while training. After some messing around we got down to the hospital to get the shoulder put back in. So I said to the doctor ‘let me know when u are going to put it in so I can relax…’ I realise that most people tense up in anticipation of pain. Relax under pressure lol. Guess what – it didnt hurt at any more when he put it back in…(and he didnt tell me!)

    I agree with ur point on being positive. Mind u that doesnt mean dont plan for the worst, like do insure ur house, do wear a seatbelt in a car, do check out ur potential boyfrind’s finances, family and friends before u get committed, do expect that he can manage his excercse/weight, drinking, budget because u aint got a hope of changing any of those things! lol Please forgive me if I’m getting too personal u dont even know me…

    Sounds like ur so on track to a great life. Keep up the good work! I’ve had alot of goals that I have achieved, too many to list right now but the only thing I would do differently knowing what I know now is to fully fund my goals, so if I wanted to climb mount Everest (not on my list but…) I would set up a seperate account and put away for it.

    Can u tell me anything else about the Warrior Camp?

    Thanks again for the tip on databases, hope to hear from u some time, bye for now…Glen

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