7 ways offline businesses can profit from pinterest.

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I recently promoted a Pinterest course that got lots of great feedback.

And since I’ve started dabbling in offline marketing again (just with select businesses I really care about), I started thinking… how can I combine the two?

If you’re into offline marketing, here are some ideas I had. They’re a bit random :), but maybe they’ll give you some a-ha’s:

1. Have local companies show off their business. Potential customers want to know who they’re doing business with. If you can get your offline businesses to post pictures of their offices, employees, special events, etc… it’ll build rapport very quickly.

2. Use keywords for your images. Name your pictures keywords that you want to rank for, like “san diego bakery”. I haven’t done this yet but a quick Google search shows me that Pinterest is ranking pretty well for things…

3. Have pictures of new coupons. This could be a fun way to get people to check a business’ board often.

4. Research ideal clients and what THEY are pinning. Find out who your customers’ ideal client is. What’s their age? Income? What else do they buy? With that information, you can find people like that and see what they’re interested in.

A business could use this information in many ways – perhaps offering a type of food their ideal clients like, getting endorsements from people they like, offering coupons around special events, etc…

5. Put “pin it” buttons on the company’s blog/website. Use Pinterest to help a company’s blog posts go viral. This is awesome in any case and particularly special for companies that ship worldwide.

6. Pin cool things like infographics or videos. Infographics and videos are unique and fun to look at (if entertaining). Have fun with this. Maybe make things like “Top 10 Reasons To Shop With XYZ Company”. :)

7. Encourage interactivity AND brag in the process. Ask customers to post their own images you could repin. This would be really nice if you could get customers to send in pictures of them consuming your product – such as eating a company’s food, wearing their clothes, or using their equipment. It could be uploading a picture of a “you’ve won!” court verdict, or “before and after” test results from a doctor. Use your imagination. :)


Hope that helps!

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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