75 Ways to get your creative juices pumping

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I know not everyone participates in LHS. But if you’re involved with ecommerce and creating new designs in any capacity, this post still applies.

Sometimes, your creative juices run now. Or, you feel blocked or stuck for new ideas. To help jump-start your creativity whenever this happens, I’ve compiled a list of 75 design suggestions for you.

The way that I arrived at this list was by first creating two shorter lists — one was a list of niches and the other was a list of design categories, which I chose based on what has sold the best in the past (see below).


  • Family
  • Love and friendship
  • Studies (e.g. geology, biology)
  • Celebrations
  • Occupations
  • Sports
  • Hobbies
  • Travel
  • Politics
  • Social Movements / Ideologies
  • Animals
  • Miscellaneous

Design Category: 

  • Sarcasm
  • Sentimentality / love
  • Enthusiasm / support
  • Humor
  • Puns
  • Quotes

Then, I combined the niches the categories (whenever it made sense) to come up with a big list of design suggestions, which you can find below. (I also throw in a few extra ideas here and there for good measure.)


A sarcastic way to show [insert family member] you love them (e.g. your mom, stepdad, grandpa, niece, etc.)

A sentimental way to show [insert family member] you care (e.g. dad, sister, uncle, cousin, etc.)

Funny puns or quotes about specific family members

Sarcastic design about being a new parent (e.g. something about being sleep deprived)

Funny design about being a new parent (e.g. something about breastfeeding for new moms)

A Mr. and Mrs. set

Love and Friendship

A sarcastic way of expressing love for a partner or spouse

A sentimental way of expressing love for a partner or spouse

Something funny about best friends

Something sweet about best friends

A quote or pun about the value of friendship

A quote about long-distance love

Quotes about being kind to one another just in general

Quotes about positive thinking, good vibes


Psychology puns

Geology puns

Geometry puns

Biology puns

Chemistry puns

Physics puns

Literary puns


Something funny about milestone birthdays (e.g. dirty thirty or being “over the hill”)

Enthusiasm towards retirement

Enthusiasm towards graduating

Something funny about bachelorette / bachelor parties

Something sentimental about a newborn baby

Jokes about becoming new parents

Funny design about getting married

Sentimental design about getting married

Funny design about getting engaged

Sentimental design about getting engaged

A sarcastic way to celebrate an anniversary

A sentimental way to celebrate an anniversary

Things You Do: Occupations, Sports, and Hobbies

Funny or sarcastic design about bosses

Enthusiasm or gratitude for a boss

Sarcastic or funny designs about specific occupations (e.g. accountant, occupational therapist, social worker, etc.)

Enthusiasm for specific occupations

Sarcastic or funny designs about coaches or fitness instructors

Enthusiasm or gratitude for coaches or fitness instructors

Enthusiasm for specific types of sports (e.g. softball, rugby)

Sarcastic design about specific types of sports (e.g. football, soccer)

Enthusiasm for specific hobbies (e.g. knitting, fishing)

Sarcastic design about specific hobbies (e.g. baking, playing guitar)


Enthusiasm for being a world traveler

Showing love towards specific cities, states, or countries (e.g. I heart San Francisco)

City names plus an image of their skyline or things specific to that place

Quotes based on accents from different places (e.g. design about Boston using the word “wicked”)


Sarcastic design about Donald Trump

Showing love for Donald Trump

Sarcastic design about Democrats and liberals

Sarcastic design about Republicans and conservatives

Enthusiasm for being a Democrat / liberal pride

Enthusiasm for being a Republican / conservative pride

Sarcastic design about being another party (e.g. libertarian or green)

Enthusiasm for being another party

Social Movements / Ideologies

Enthusiasm for feminism

Enthusiasm for LGBTQ rights

Enthusiasm for Black Lives Matter

Support for immigrants

Enthusiasm and support for equality in general


A sentimental way of expressing love for dogs (specific breeds)

A sentimental way of expressing love for cats (specific breeds)

Funny quotes or puns about dogs

Funny quotes or puns about cats

Love for any other animal someone might have for a pet (e.g. fish, hamsters, birds, etc.)

Funny quotes or puns about any other types of pets


Funny design about superheros

Funny or sarcastic quotes about dieting

Food and drink puns

Jokes about swearing a lot

Jokes about drinking alcohol

Jokes about farting / poop

Funny to-do lists (e.g. involving drinking coffee)

Funny sexual innuendos

Designs people can personalize (e.g. insert their names)

What do you think of this big list of design ideas? Can you come up with any other good suggestions? Please leave a comment below and let me know!

Here's some inspiration if you're stuck for new design ideas.

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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