8 Best ways to help you increase online sales after the holidays

Increase your sales after the holiday season
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As the holiday season winds down, it’s time to think about how to increase online sales after the holidays.

The holiday season is always incredibly busy. My LHS team worked super hard, and we earned more sales than we did in years past. As the holiday season comes to a close, I expect sales to slow down a bit (that’s totally normal).

But if you’re wondering, “How can I sell more online?” there are strategies you can try to keep your momentum going. I’ve learned from experience that you can still boost sales after the holidays with a little creativity. I’ve shared tips for post-holiday sales in the past, and I’m doing it again this year.

Here’s a list of unique ways to increase sales in 2024…

1. Bundle products together at discounted rates to increase online sales

If you want to know how to increase sales quickly, bundles are fantastic sellers. This is especially true when they’re marketed as gifts for various occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, or upcoming holidays, such as Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what a few LHS members have said about creating bundle deals: 

Think about how to increase online sales after the holidays
Think about how to increase online sales after the holidays
Think about how to increase online sales after the holidays

Themed bundles, like those for Valentine’s Day, can include items like mugs, women’s tank tops, and necklaces, all featuring designs related to wives or girlfriends. Similarly, you can target husbands and boyfriends with themed bundles.

But bundles don’t always need themes; you can also create generic bundles. The key is to ensure that the items in your bundles share similar or related designs. For example, you could create a bundle for cat lovers with different items featuring the same cat design. Or you could makes bundles aimed at specific occupations like doctors or social workers.

Offer your bundles at a slightly discounted rate compared to buying each item individually. For example, if a mug, tank top, and magnet cost $14.95, $18.95, and $4.85 respectively, you might sell the bundle for $35.95, saving customers money while boosting your sales!

2. Run a winter clearance sale for a limited time

Clearance sales are a hit with shoppers. Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean people have stopped shopping. After the holidays, many people have gift cards and cash to spend, making it an opportune time to run a post-holiday sale.

Not only does this strategy help maintain your sales momentum, but it’s also an effective way to clear out any unsold or slow-selling inventory. To maximize its impact, consider adding a sense of urgency by running the sale for a limited time, such as two or three days. This urgency can motivate customers to buy sooner rather than later.

In your Amazon shop, you can offer coupons, BOGO deals, or Prime Exclusive Deals (PEDs). You can learn more about your Amazon clearance sale options here

Think about how to increase online sales after the holidays

And if you have an Etsy shop, there’s a tool you can use to automatically put your listings on sale. (I wrote about it in a blog post a while back. You can check it out here.)

3. Leverage the “New Year” mindset to increase online sales

The New Year is a time for resolutions. People switch gears from gift-giving and indulging in treats and festivities to become more focused on self-improvement and achieving their goals.

With that in mind, you can tailor your designs and promotions to this New Year mindset. Examples of the New Year mindset might include…

  • getting in better shape by exercising more or eating healthier foods
  • becoming more organized or productive at work or at home
  • learning a new skill or hobby, such as baking or playing the piano
  • traveling more
  • spending more quality time with friends and family

There are lots of ways you could turn these types of resolutions into design ideas or new products. For example, you could create a downloadable habit tracker that people can use to monitor their diet and exercise habits.

And here’s a super cute design aimed at exercising more that I found on Etsy that you can use for inspiration:

Here’s another design that has to do with goal-setting in general:

You have so many options when it comes to leveraging the New Year mindset. Run quick Google Image searches for phrases like “achieve your goals mug” or “exercise more this year mug” and see what inspiration you can find.

4. Start thinking ahead to the next gift-giving holiday (Valentine’s Day)

For Valentine’s Day, you can create designs that evoke love, romance, and affection toward. Your designs can be aimed at significant others (heterosexual and homosexual), family members, friends, or even co-workers. Consider designs featuring hearts, Cupid, lovebirds, roses, or other symbols associated with Valentine’s Day.

Here are some ideas to increase online sales with your Valentine’s Day designs and promotions: 

Design ideas

Romantic quotes: Create designs with romantic quotes or phrases that express love and affection. These can be used on various products like mugs, t-shirts, or downloadable greeting cards.

Increase your sales after the holiday season

Image Source

Personalized gifts: Offer customers the ability to customize their gifts. Let them do things like add names, initials, special dates, or custom messages. Shoppers want their Valentine’s Day gifts to feel personal, not generic. 

Increase your sales after the holiday season

Image Source

Themed collections: Curate collections of products that cater specifically to Valentine’s Day, such as “Gifts for him” and “Gifts for her,” showcasing items perfect for the occasion.

Increase your sales after the holiday season

Image Source


Now, let’s answer the question, “How can I increase sales with internet marketing” among other promotional techniques: 

Promotions and discounts: Offer special promotions such as “Buy One, Get One 20% Off” or dollar amounts off to incentivize Valentine’s Day purchases. 

Limited editions: Introduce limited-edition products or designs exclusively for Valentine’s Day to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency.

Gift guides: Create gift guides for different relationship stages (newly dating, long-term couples, married couples) to help shoppers find the perfect gift for their significant others. You can learn more about gift guides here

When promoting your Valentine’s Day products on Amazon and Etsy, consider the following strategies:

Optimized listings: Ensure your product listings are optimized with relevant keywords and high-quality images to improve visibility in search results.

Paid advertising: Use Amazon Sponsored Products or Etsy Ads to promote your Valentine’s Day products to a wider audience.

Social media marketing: Leverage popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to showcase your Valentine’s Day designs and promotions. You can use targeted ads or organic posts to reach potential customers.

Collaborations: Consider collaborating with influencers or other brands to cross-promote your Valentine’s Day products and reach a broader audience.

5. Try your hand at sponsored ads

Let’s talk more about how to increase online sales fast. Sponsored ads aren’t part of the Low Hanging System and you certainly don’t have to use them. But if you’d like to give ads a whirl, many people have had good results. I actually partnered with Doug Johnson to create a course called the Viral Buyers System, which goes over the process that I use. You can learn more about it here. And you can check out two quick success stories below:

Increase your sales after the holiday season
Increase your sales after the holiday season

6. Update any holiday-specific deals or promises

During the holidays, you may have added special offers or deals to your stores. For example, you may have offered free shipping or made some kind of guarantee that’s no longer relevant after the holidays.

If that’s the case, be sure to remove any mentions of these holiday-specific offers and deals. If you leave them up and customers see them, they’ll come to expect them. 

7. Start launching new designs for weird and quirk holidays to increase online sales 

Want to know how to boost ecommerce sales? Even if you’re feeling a bit tired after the holidays, if you want to increase online sales, you need to stay creative.

You can create new designs on any topic. Or you can take inspiration from one of my recent posts on weird and quirky holidays and create designs related to those days.

Every single day of the year has at least one unusual holiday associated with it. And these holidays are mostly quite niche-specific so there isn’t a lot of competition. 

8. If you have Brand Registry, update your Amazon storefront

If you’re enrolled in Brand Registry and want to know how to increase online sales on Amazon, here’s a great tip. Update your Amazon storefront to showcase the New Year and upcoming holidays such as Valentine’s Day. This can help you stay relevant to shoppers and attract those looking for holiday-themed products.

Refresh your banner image: Create a new banner image that reflects the New Year or jumps right into Valentine’s Day. You could include imagery related to resolutions, celebrations, or love and romance. 

Update your featured products: Highlight products that are relevant to the New Year or upcoming holiday. For Valentine’s Day, feature items such as gifts, themed products, or anything that aligns with the holiday spirit.

Add seasonal content to your storefront: Consider adding seasonal content such as holiday-themed videos or images to engage shoppers. The seasonal content could be winter or the next big gift-giving holiday, Valentine’s Day. 

Promote holiday collections: If you have specific collections for the New Year’s or Valentine’s Day, feature them prominently on your storefront to draw attention to these themed products. The themed products don’t even have to say things like “Happy New Year” or “Happy Valentine’s Day.” They could be items about goal-setting or that would make a good gift for a significant other. 

What do you think of these strategies for maintaining your post-holiday sales momentum? Can you think of any of other techniques or ideas? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Increase your sales after the holiday season

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