A Celebratory Post!!!

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Edit: Due to extreme excitement, I’m thinking that yesterday’s post didn’t make sense. Here’s my new attempt:

I made a goal this month that

a: I’d make a certain amount by Nov. 30… and

b: I’d make 33% of that by the time I left for Phoenix on Wednesday.

Awesome things started happening after I made the goal.

First I got paid $1000 on an outstanding balance from a client.


Then I got $100 as a “token of appreciation” from someone that I helped with copy.

A somewhat unexpected check for $250ish from Clickbank on one of my accounts…

Started talking to some guys about some amazing partnership ventures…

Other interesting stuff in the wings – a $466 check on the way to me for an affiliate campaign I ran, $500 from the Women’s World cover story, copy clients who have been inquiring, etc…

So yesterday I’m driving home from a party and Brian calls me. He says that our partner for MM has decided to create an offer and immediately needs me to pull over and have me make a PayPal link with my account because he’s afraid that his is about to be shut down.

I had no idea what was going on.

So I can go on and on, but let’s just say… WE MADE $30,000 IN 8 HOURS YESTERDAY!

And we had almost 100 *more* people privately messaging us and begging for us to let them in!

It’s obviously not all mine…. and I know to account for refunds. Still though…



I just paid off THREE of my lowest balance credit cards. THREE!

I have three more to pay off now, and a $25,000 loan… and I’ll be debt-free.

I’ll go to Europe with nooooo debt!%$#@

I’m so happy – my Nov. 30 goal has been met and it’s Nov. 4th!!!!

I love my life!!!

And here’s my new desktop wallpaper:

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