About to head to L.A.!

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Just wanted to make a quick blog post about last night… I have a feeling that L.A. is going to be so amazing that it’ll be hard to remember all the awesome things from Vegas!

I went to Penn & Teller last night with a guy that I met here. It was a GREAT show! It was really, really neat. Since I don’t watch TV, I hadn’t seen that Bullshit show that they have (it’s really called Bullshit :))…. I remember seeing a video of them when I was in school…  but didn’t really know what to expect.

They had some VERY COOL tricks! One of them was where they were trying to prove that all psychics, fortune tellers, mind readers, etc… were full of crap. They passed around 3 different joke books and told people to just keep passing them around, and whenever they said “stop”, 2 of the people had to find a joke that had some personal meaning to them. Using “cold reading”, Penn was able to guess the first one (it was out of an entire joke book!). Using “warm reading”, he guessed the third, and using “hot”, he had the audience guess the 3rd.

That was SO cool!

I had another favorite trick, but in case you ever go to the show, I won’t spoil it. For that one, though… they tell you what they’re going to do anyway, so I’m not ruining anything. :)

I went to dinner before that, and that was really cool too! We went to this Italian cafe at the Rio. It was SO neat! They had these different lights in there that kept changing colors… and at one point, they dimmed all the lights and a bunch of TVs came on. They started playing the Sopranos… completely out of nowhere. After a minute or two, one of the women shoots her husband…. in the restaurant, the lights start flashing different colors, and they start singing “I Will Survive”. The waiters start clapping, there’s a singer on TV, and people were encouraged to sing along. Just a really, really fun place!

Before that, right inside the casino, there were singers coming out in different contraptions (a hot air balloon, a dinosaur, a bus) and being brought down from the ceiling… and they were singing and dancing as people watched from the sides. Loved it!

IN OTHER NEWS, it looks as if my trip is going to be extended!! Brian and I are going to John Carlton’s “Copywriting Sweatshop” in Reno, Nevada, on 9/22 + 9/23. This is going to be ENORMOUS for both of us, and I can’t think of a better person to be there with. It’s going to be an absolute blast!!

Okay… guess I should pack my stuff up and head out to Loooos Angeles!

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