Absolute craziness I tell you!

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I’ve walked on tightropes before.

I’ve done extreme obstacle courses.

I’ve driven cross country by myself.

I’ve lost 100 pounds.

I’ve gotten in many near-death accidents, including one where I flipped off a median, went across 3 lanes of traffic, and went head-on with a tractor trailer.

I’ve broken an arrow against my throat.

I’ve worked 70-80 hours a week while taking full time classes at university.

I enlisted at a Warrior Camp by myself (and if I told you about all the crazy things that I did there, you’d be blown away).

I made somewhat of a snap decision to quit a cushy full time job in order to go into business for myself.

For a 24 year old, I’ve been through a bit.

But NOTHING has prepared me for…

Driving the hills of San Francisco.


I was driving to find my hostel today, and let me tell you, it was RIDICULOUSLY SCARY!

People had tried warning me about them, but I always kind of ignored them, because people are always warning me about the idiotic stuff that I put myself through.

I tell you though…

Those hills are nuts!!!

As the self proclaimed worst driver in the world, I acknowledge that some of it could be my fault. But… you drive up those hills, and you have no idea where you’re going. You come to a flat stop at the top, and you kind of end up hanging off the top… because you can’t drive further (if there’s a red light), but you don’t want to lay hanging down on the hill without any sight of where you’re going.

Oooor, there’s traffic lights right in the middle of those godforsaken hills. Every time someone got close to me when we stopped, I started getting nervous, thinking that I was going to back into them once I hit the gas.

The downward ones aren’t any better… once again, you have no idea where you’re going to end up, and you keep thinking that you’re going to hit things.

I literally yelled when I encountered my first uphill. I wasn’t expecting it! A guy on the corner looked at me like I was a lunatic.

And the drivers aren’t exactly the most empathetic.

…and that’s all I have to say about San Francisco for the moment.

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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