AI tools to make money with your print-on-demand store

These tools can help you boost your business
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Artificial intelligence has BIG potential to enhance your POD operations. With the right AI tools, you can save hours of time on repetitive tasks, create high-quality content and images, and unlock valuable insights about your business.

In this post, we’ll explore 10 free AI tools that can help you:

  • Automate time-consuming workflows
  • Quickly create product listings, emails, and other engaging content
  • Optimize your online presence for higher conversions
  • And ultimately, grow your ecommerce business!

Let’s dive in.

Free AI tools for content creation


ChatGPT and other free AI tools

ChatGPT is an awesome, free AI tool for content creation for ecommerce stores. It has advanced language processing capabilities and a vast knowledge base. It can assist in various aspects of content creation. These aspects range from product descriptions to blog posts and marketing materials. Here are several reasons why ChatGPT is a valuable asset for ecommerce businesses:

Enhanced Product Descriptions

Creating informative product descriptions is an important part of running an ecommerce store. ChatGPT can generate engaging descriptions by analyzing existing information about your products, including…

  • specifications
  • features
  • and customer reviews

It can produce unique and persuasive content that captures potential buyers’ attention and helps them make informed buying decisions.

Blog Post Generation

ChatGPT can generate blog post ideas and even draft full articles based on specific topics or keywords. It can provide…

  • valuable insights
  • expert opinions
  • and relevant information

That way, you get to keep your blog content fresh and informative.

Social Media Content

ChatGPT can help create engaging social media posts, including…

  • captions
  • hashtags
  • and even short ad copy

By understanding your brand’s voice and tone, it can generate content that…

  • resonates with your audience
  • increases brand visibility
  • and drives customer engagement

Email Marketing Campaigns

ChatGPT can help you craft personalized email content, including…

  • subject lines
  • promotional offers
  • and compelling email body text

It can adapt to different customer segments. And it can help create highly targeted and persuasive email campaigns.

SEO Optimization

ChatGPT can generate SEO-friendly content by incorporating relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and headings. It can help you optimize product pages, blog posts, and other content. That way, you can enhance your store’s search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic.

Content Ideation and Inspiration

ChatGPT can act as a reliable source of inspiration for both content and design ideas. Using its extensive knowledge base, it can…

  • provide creative suggestions
  • brainstorm topics
  • and offer insights

ChatGPT can help you generate innovative and engaging ideas, whether you need help with…

  • seasonal campaigns
  • trending topics
  • or content diversification

Writerly and other free AI tools

Similar to ChatGPT, Writerly is another one of the free AI tools that can help you with content creation. Writerly helps you take your ideas and turn them into curated content, free of grammatical errors.

Writerly needs just a few key details, such as the topic, keywords, or even a captivating heading. Then, the tool creates fresh and unique content. Or it can revamp your existing content to make it connect better with shoppers.

Its key features include:

  • Content templates – Various templates for blog posts, product descriptions, newsletters, and more.
  • Tone personalization – Adapts content to your brand’s voice.
  • Collaboration – Allows co-editing with teams.
  • Storage and analytics – Tracks all content in a centralized dashboard.

Sign up for free at

Ecommerce Prompt Generator

Ecommerce prompt generator and other free AI tools

The Ecommerce Prompt Generator is another AI tool that expedites the content-creation process. This tool has an extensive library of over 2 million pre-built prompts. Plus, it can handle the flexibility of up to 10 personalization parameters. That way, you can customize your prompts to be more in line with your content-creation requests. This tool can create content in just 10-15 seconds, saving you tons of time.

Also, if you want to play around with creating in-depth print-on-demand AI content, my 8-week bootcamp is perfect for you! You can learn more about it here.

Free AI tools for image generation and editing

Neural Love

Neural Love and other free AI tools

Neural Love is a helpful asset for enhancing product visuals and creating stunning imagery with ai generated images. Here are several reasons why Neural Love is a great too AI tool for ecommerce stores:

Image Generation

Neural Love harnesses the power of its neural network to generate high-quality, realistic images. This feature benefits ecommerce businesses that need product images but may not have access to professional photography or a lot of product variations. With Neural Love, ecommerce stores can quickly generate visually appealing product images that represent their offerings.

Product Customization

With Neural Love, ecommerce stores can showcase product customization options by generating images that show different…

  • variations
  • colors
  • or sizes

Offering customers a visual representation of various customization possibilities enhances customers’ shopping experience. Plus, it boosts customer confidence in making buying decisions.

Background Removal

Neural Love is great for removing backgrounds from images. That way, you can isolate you product and make it stand out. With this feature, you don’t need to do manual background removal or use complex image editing software.

Image Editing and Enhancement

Neural Love offers a range of image editing capabilities. It can adjust brightness and contrast. It can retouch imperfections, and it can add filters. Neural Love provides a user-friendly interface to optimize your visuals. These editing features help ecommerce sellers show their products in the best light.

Image Upscaling

Neural Love leverages advanced upscaling techniques to ensure product images are high-resolution. This allows ecommerce stores to enhance the quality of their images. And they can do so even if the original files have limited resolution or low quality.

Image Compression and Optimization

Neural Love assists in compressing and optimizing images without compromising their quality. This helps ensure fast-loading pages and a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Bulk Image Processing

For ecommerce businesses with a large inventory, processing a lot of product images can be time-consuming. Neural Love streamlines this process by offering bulk-image processing capabilities. It lets users generate multiple images to be edited or enhanced simultaneously.

With Neural Love’s free plan, you get unlimited art generators, and you can process 5 images, 15 seconds of audio, or 2 portraits. Paid plans start at $30 a month for 300 credits a month.


Pixelcut and other free AI tools

Pixelcut offers a lot of the same image-enhancing capabilities as Neural Love. Any ecommerce business can use this tool. And you’re able to use it on your phone. Pixelcut is a good alternative to Photoshop if you’re not that savvy with editing software.

Pixelcut offers a range of free tools. They include…

  • a background remover
  • a magic eraser that gets rid of unwanted objects
  • an image upscaler
  • and more

Plus, Pixelcut’s standout feature is its AI product photos. With Pixelcut’s product-photo maker, you can say goodbye to stock images. You can start creating unique and engaging visuals for your ecommerce store.


ai generated images - Patterned and other free AI tools

Patterned is another AI image generator. It lets you create a variety of designs for your products, and every design is royalty-free.

Using Patterned is easy. Just input relevant keywords, and the AI pattern generator takes action. You can specify themes, such as “flowers.” Plus, you can define a unique style, like “abstract.”

Patterned also lets you create patterns in the style of your favorite artist. And you can request things like fine or bold lines, or subtle or vibrant colors.

With Patterned’s free option, you have…

  • unlimited photo downloads
  • 10 free pattern generations, royalty free with attribution to PatternedAI

Paid plans start at $10 a month.

Free AI tool to make videos


Descript and other free AI toolsDescript offers an array of benefits for businesses looking to produce compelling video content. Here are several reasons why Descript is a valuable asset for ecommerce stores:

Seamless Editing Experience

Descript provides a seamless editing experience through its user-friendly interface. Its intuitive timeline-based editor lets users…

  • arrange and trim video clips
  • add transitions
  • overlay text
  • and incorporate audio elements
Automatic Transcription and Subtitling

Descript’s AI-powered transcription feature automatically transcribes video content. This feature can also create subtitles or closed captions, which is a great way to improve your video content’s accessibility.

Voiceover Recording and Dubbing

With Descript, ecommerce stores can easily record voiceovers and dub audio tracks. Its intuitive interface allows users to record narrations, voiceovers, or dialogue directly within the application. These features can help you create engaging and informative videos, including…

  • product demos
  • tutorials
  • or promotional content

Multitrack Editing

Descript lets ecommerce stores create visually compelling videos by incorporating multiple tracks. To enhance the video experience, you can overlay…

  • background music
  • sound effects
  • or additional audio tracks

AI-Powered Video Editing

Descript utilizes AI technology to simplify video editing tasks. Its advanced algorithms can automatically detect and remove…

  • filler words
  • stutters
  • or verbal mistakes

This feature enhances the overall quality and professionalism of video content.

Export Options

Descript supports a range of export options. This lets ecommerce stores publish videos across various platforms and channels.

With Descript’s free plan, you get…

  • 1 transcription hour per month
  • 1 watermark-free video export per month
  • filler word removal
  • a 1,000-word overdub vocabulary
  • up to 10 minutes of AI-green screen
  • up to 10 minutes of studio sound

Paid plans start at $12 a month.

Free AI tool to improve efficiency

SalesForce Einstein

SalesForce Einstein and other free AI tools Salesforce Einstein has cutting-edge AI capabilities that can streamline your workflow and boost efficiency.

This tool analyzes past data to make predictions about future events. It’s designed to proactively address conflicts before they arise, ensuring a smoother and uninterrupted workflow.

By using SalesForce Einstein, you can streamline your operations. This tool can even predict the next sales opportunity. That way, you can meet your customers’ needs more efficiently and increase your sales in the process.

SalesForce Einstein has a strong focus on customer relationship management (CRM). It tries to personalize each customer’s journey and enhance their experiences.

Free AI tools to optimize your listings

AHREFS Free Keyword Generator Tool

AHREFS and other free AI toolsThe AHREFS Free Keyword Generator Tool can generate relevant keyword suggestions to help you optimize your listings. Here’s an overview of how the tool works:

Seed Keyword or Topic Entry

You input a seed keyword or topic related to your ecommerce business or product. This initial keyword helps guide the tool in generating relevant suggestions.

Keyword Suggestions

Based on the seed keyword or topic, the AHREFS tool analyzes a database of…

  • keywords
  • search volume data
  • user behavior
  • and trends

Then, it generates a comprehensive list of keyword suggestions that are highly relevant to the seed keyword.

Search Volume Analysis

The AHREFS tool indicates the average number of searches performed for a particular keyword within a given timeframe. This helps you understand the potential traffic and demand for those keywords.

Competition Analysis

The AHREFS tool also offers information about keyword competition. It assigns a keyword difficulty score, indicating the level of competition for each keyword. This score helps users identify less competitive keywords.

Long-Tail Keywords

Aside from broad keyword suggestions, this tool also provides long-tail keyword suggestions. Long-tail keywords are more specific and detailed search queries. They tend to have lower competition but higher conversion potential. Incorporating long-tail keywords in ecommerce listings can attract targeted traffic and potential customers.

Trends and Insights

The AHREFS tool also offers trend analysis. This helps you understand the popularity of keywords over time. This feature helps you identify trends and adjust your optimization strategies accordingly.

Sellesta and other free AI tools is a fantastic AI tool designed to help sellers optimize their Amazon listings. What sets it apart is its status as a trusted developer by Amazon.

Sellesta offers a variety of features that simplify the process and save time. With, you can easily perform important tasks like…

  • keyword research
  • listing optimization
  • and review analysis

One of the platform’s standout features is its optimization checklists. These checklists provide insights and estimates on the key elements of a listing.

This recognition highlights the platform’s reliability and credibility. Powered by AI technology, makes listing optimization a breeze. It lets sellers to optimize their  listings within seconds.

No longer do you have to manually manage multiple listings and juggle different keyword tools and Seller Central. streamlines the entire process, saving sellers from time-consuming, listing optimization tasks.

Bonus: Epic AI Mastermind

If you want to dive deep into leveraging AI to boost your ecom biz, I also definitely recommend the AI Mastermind group. It’s helped me discover the newest AI tools and quick and untapped ways to increase your profit margins, like selling Fiverr gigs for quick-flips in little-known markets.

While it’s a paid mastermind it does share lots of free tools. I look forward to coming to those calls every week now as they are BRIMMING with value if you’re into AI. :)

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I hope you find this list of free AI tools useful! If you have any other free AI tools that you can recommend, leave a comment below. And if you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and followers. 

These tools can help you boost your business

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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