An ode to Andrew Wee…

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A little less than a year ago, I put out my first product, Top Secret Riches (do NOT judge my sales letter writing abilities by that!)

One of the people who bought it was Andrew Wee. We ended up in email dialog, and have been friends ever since.He’s really an amazing guy. Once, out of nowhere, he made a blog post about me. Completely made my day.

Another time, he did an interview with me. I haven’t even told him this yet, but I met a great guy on Venice Beach a few weeks ago… gave him my blog URL… and he listened to that interview. Now, this guy is a stand-up comedian, but he was so inspired by the interview that he immediately went and created a bunch of blogs. 50, to be exact. Considering that he had NO Internet Marketing experience (and I don’t know if he planned on having any) and is now making money, in part to the interview (he says it’s directly because of it)…  craziness.

That’s completely thanks to Andrew. He had to talk me into it, because I really didn’t see myself as successful enough to be on an interview at the time.He also invited me into his incredible mastermind, which is full of brilliant people that I’m honored to meet with every other Tuesday.

Here’s my newest reason why Andrew’s so stellar:A few days ago, I mentioned to him that I wanted to enroll in Strategic Coach at my friend Chad‘s recommendation. This got us talking about life purpose, and I told him how I was feeling a little stagnant.

He recommended a few things to me.

First, he told me about 2 articles by Po Bronson. First, he mentioned Do We All Have A Story and then Tao Of Dough. Those are both fantastic articles that I really enjoyed.He also told me about Randy Pausch. Apparently he was in mainstream media for a while, but I had never heard of him. Randy was a 47 year old college professor who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was told that he only had 3-6 months to live, and decided to give his last college lecture on everything he had learned in his life. Basically he talked about how he was able to accomplish his childhood dreams, how he helped others, and then he talked about how others could meet their dreams too.

The talk was ridiculously inspiration, and I got a lot out of it. Even though it was over an hour and videos make me insanely restless, I was captivated the entire time. I really recommend watching it if you haven’t already.

I was going to mention some of my favorite takeaways, but I have 4 pages of notes and I’m sure your experience will be different.When (not if) you like it,  go thank Andrew for generously sharing it. :)

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “An ode to Andrew Wee…”

  1. Hey Rach,
    Thanks for the mention!

    Actually, here’s a list of the URLs re: Randy Pausch:

    Randy Pausch resources
    time management
    randy pausch
    randy pause audio – time mgt

    He was also invited on Oprah and gave a 10-min version of his 1hour+ talk at CMU.

    If anyone’s interested in Po’s stuff, be sure to check out:
    1) What Should I Do With My Life? (about finding your purpose and meaning)
    2) Who are these people? (a book about family).

    Talk to ya soon!


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