April 2018 Brags

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Here are some of April’s wins for this month’s brag post. 

As always they’re in no particular order.

1. The school I helped fund in Laos finished ahead of schedule.

I wasn’t there for the celebration and actually got the email with the grand opening pictures while I was at a business meeting in Chicago. I was so excited that I could barely focus for a little while. When I finally “came to” I downloaded the picture here and made it my desktop wallpaper.

It’s been a dream of mine to fund schools and it is was awesome to finally see everything come to fruition. I’d actually donated the money in December 2015 (crying when I hit the “pay” button) and since it took a while to build, I started to forget about it. Seeing the final product was thrilling.

2.  I spent lots of time with my nephew again which is great for both of us. We enjoyed playing at the trampoline park, dehydrating food together, playing outside, shopping for Paw Patrol sneakers… and I had a pretty fun time tricking him with some cauliflower crust pizza. ;)

3. I made some pretty tough decisions on some personal items that I know are for the better, but still weren’t easy to make.

4. I’ve done a great job fulfilling for everyone who signed up for LHS Jumpstart. I think the webinars have been very helpful and it’s been great hearing about how people are making sales.

5. I put in another pretty sizable chunk of change into WealthFront. If you’re not using this site I definitely recommend it for a passive investment strategy.

After you sign up, it auto-invests your money using time-tested stock advice. I think you need to start with $500 and then if you sign up via http://www.rachelrofe.com/wealthfront it manages your first $20k for free.

I’ve been using the service since December 2015 with pretty good returns:

Using this site is a part of my “retire at 40” strategy because it’s been essentially giving me free cash.

6. I’ve been using the Headspace app for meditation. On April 16th I hit 200 minutes meditated and then on April 25 I finished the 30 days of meditation series. Daily meditation has been really helpful for me.

7. In April, our warehouse in shipped out over 59,000 “print on demand” items and another several thousand regular fulfillment items.

8.  People in LHS are continuing to get excellent results. Here were some from April:

9. We got some awesome endorsements from celebrities for my warehouse! Check them out here: http://rachelrofe1.wpengine.com/chplaylist.

More are coming this month.

10. I booked an incredible few days at Mandarin Oriental and took care of myself beautifully. I booked 2 days at the spa and got amazing massages, treatments, and self-care time.

I think that’s everything for now. Please feel free to share your wins, too!

April brags

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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