April 2019 Brags

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Welcome to my newest brag post, where I celebrate the big wins from the previous months.

As always, you’re more than welcome to post in the comments and celebrate YOUR wins, too. :)

Here are my April wins, in no particular order:

1. I went on a really fun cruise to Bermuda and Boston with Don, Gabriel, my sister, mom, and stepdad. We had a very good time! It was so fun to explore and thanks to the internet not working well on the ship, I got to really unplug.

2. The launch for the newest Jumpstart did pretty well. We ended up bringing in 100+ new students which I feel spectacular about. And the webinar converted at 8%+ at times (8 out of every 100 people bought) which is pretty good for a $2,000 product.

3. The warehouse is going well! We landed another 7-figure client and then produced products that will be in Hallmark (napkins) and Cracker Barrel (wooden planks that we laser imprint with cool designs).

4. I took Don, my mom, stepdad, and sister to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden. I’ve always wanted to do that and it was a spectacular experience.

5. With the weather being pretty nice in April, we had a lot of “live life” weekends. One weekend we took Gabe to NYC where he enjoyed FAO Schwarz, Disney, M&M Store, and walking around the parks. On another weekend we went to New Hope (a fun town around here) where he fed ducks, had ice cream, and played in the playground.

6. I went to Alexandria, VA for some business meetings with my mentor where I learned a lot.

7. The warehouse produced 9.23% more items this April than we did in 2018.

8. Speaking of CustomHappy, we got some excellent letters of recommendation from clients last month:


Sean from CustomHappy and I got into contact around Christmas time which of course is our busiest season and things were looking pretty grim and we were unable to keep up with orders and it was at the time our biggest issue. We were giving out tons of refunds and weren’t sure at the time how we were going to get out of the hole and be able to ship out all of our old backlogged orders.

Once CustomHappy fully took over our mug production everyone one of these issues was addressed and taken care of and now it goes so smoothly that I no longer have to even worry or consider the mugs becoming an issue.

The entire backlog was cleared out very quickly and the refunds stopped and we didn’t have our entire customer service department dealing with the mug issues. They have kept fully up to date with all orders and we haven’t received even a call about any mug orders in quite some time.

Had we been using CustomHappy the entire time we would have been in much better shape and saved us countless headaches (and dollars…)

I couldn’t recommend using CustomHappy more as they have taken on quite the task and completed it better than I could have possibly imagined. I would trust meeting any possible deadline and wouldn’t put any thought into whether or not they could.

(I can’t put the company’s name here as they don’t want their competitors knowing about their “secret weapon”).


To whom it may concern,

In July of 2017, we found ourselves in a difficult production position when our sublimation facility had major mechanical issues. We produce over 350,000 coasters / year and sell to larger accounts like Camping World, Bed Bath and Beyond + as well as over 3000 retailers. We were in a real pickle! We reached out to Sawgrass Inks who recommended contacting Sean of Custom Happy with high accolades.

Custom Happy rose to the challenge and began to produce our POs.  Over the last year and a half, they’ve invested in equipment and developed systems to efficiently manage our ever growing coaster line.  They’ve also worked diligently with us to develop and expand into new and sometimes challenging product lines.  Their attention to detail and commitment to quality are unmatched in the production world.  Every PO ships on time or early and they’ve made communication a breeze.  Their location makes transportation time from suppliers and to our warehouse fast and economically sound.  Order integration and management is virtually entirely automated and painless.  One of the other things that we’ve loved about working with Custom Happy is that they are large enough to get each and every job done expeditiously (with consistently great quality) while being small enough to navigate new concepts and issues quickly. 

Not only did they help us out of a difficult situation, Sean and the team have continued to provide excellent customer service, a commitment to quality, fair pricing and quick turnaround time. 

Though they are a young company, we only foresee growth in their future and consider ourselves lucky to have them as production partners now.

Warm Regards,

Erika J Ferraby
VP Purchasing & Production

9. I had a great accountability call with my friend Ruchi about our Quarter 1 goals. We’ve started working together to hold each other accountable for our goals, and it’s going very well.

10. I reached out to someone in the area whom I wanted to build a friendship with, which was a bit vulnerable for me. We got together and had a great time, so I am really glad I’d reached out. I really want to build more community here.

11. People in Jumpstart and Low Hanging System are still getting great results! Here are some of the latest updates:

I think that’s it for now! What about YOU? Have anything you’d like to celebrate?

April brags

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