August 2019 Brags

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Welcome to my newest “brag” post, where I celebrate wins from the prior month.

In no particular order, here were some of the great things to happen in August:

1. I went to the shore with Don and Gabe for a week. We had a really fun week that alternated between going to the beach and playing in the waves and then driving over to a boardwalk a town away and playing in the arcade.

It was a very enjoyable time where I did little else but enjoy the present moment.

2. I got a nice letter from a coach via Facebook who said that she has her clients read my 5 Minute Morning Boosters book in the beginning of their work with her because it “helped so much” on her journey:

That’s obviously nice to see.

3. There were lots of “live life” moments:

– The weekend we got back from the shore, Don and I took a trip together to NYC.

– The Thursday of that week, I took the train into NYC to see one of the women in my Sister Circle (a blast!).

– Don and I went to the oldest continuously operated theatre in the country and saw Casablanca (very fun).

– Each weekend was pretty slow, where I went to the farmers market on Saturday morning, played with Gabe, and was a bit more relaxed.

4. I graduated Mindfix. It was wildly impactful for me and I’m going to join again as it’s been instrumental in my cultivating a sense of long-term peace.

5.  Stephanie from my team started reaching out to  Jumpstart and Low Hanging System graduates to survey them and get their ideas about how we might be able to improve the course. Feedback has been phenomenal thus far, and people have been sharing a lot – most interviews have been an hour+ long.

6. We landed a couple big clients for CustomHappy, which is always a nice win.

7. I brought my FitBit back after not having used it for 2 years. I’ve been enjoying getting back into it again and have been having a lot of big days, walking 5+ miles a day most days in the first half of the month.

8. I filled out my gratitude lists 26 out of 31 days, and my clarity lists 15 days. Considering I only need to do clarity time on workdays and I was at the shore for a week and didn’t do a lot of structured weekend work, I’ll consider it a win.

9. I’m still working on fixing data issues but we produced significantly more at the warehouse this year versus August 2018.

10. Students in  Jumpstart and Low Hanging System are continuing to see sales roll in. Here are some of the latest results:

I think that’s it for August! I’d love to hear about YOU – anything you’d like to celebrate?

Rachel Rofe August 2019 brags

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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