Back from Phoenix!

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So I’m back from Joe Polish’s seminar, and I had a FANTASTIC time.

I had to wait a day to make a blog post because I was literally braindead from all of the partying and learning… but it was SO worth it. And soooo fun!

I got to meet (and hang out with!) tons of incredible, successful people. It was fascinating to me… I keep saying it, but hanging out with all of those super-successful people is like being on a different plane of life. They’re all just so happy, friendly, nonjudgmental, fun and… good at life.

I have a trillion things to catch up on, but here are some pictures that Ralph (wonderful guy) from In Search Of Heroes took for the meantime:

Tim Ferriss and Jaime:

Tim Ferriss and I:

Jaime, Joe (awesome guy who works for Eben Pagan) and me:

Me, Richard (Joe’s brother who also works for Eben… and is very good at life), and Jaime:

Raha (aweeeeesome girl! She does PR for Chet Holmes), Vanessa (Love her! Joe Polish’s girlfriend), Jaime, and me:

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  1. Hey Rach,
    I had the pleasure of talking on the phone to Jaime’s fr Joselin. Really nice guy. I was asking him about dreamlining and he was sharing with me about Tim Ferris’ book.
    Where was I, oh yeah I look at your site and there you are with Tim. Cool man. I better set myself some new goals b4 i go green with envy lol.


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