Best way to prevent refunds and cancellations on last-minute orders – My holiday gift card images + mockups

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Prevent refunds and cancellations on last-minute sales with my holiday gift card images.

Even when you’re crystal clear about your order deadlines, some customers will always wait until the eleventh hour to do their shopping. While accommodating last-minute shoppers is ideal, rushing the printing and shipping process isn’t always feasible.

But don’t worry. I’ve got a great solution that’s been a game-changer for many LHS members.

Here’s the scoop: Provide your customers with printable holiday gift card images featuring an image of the item(s) they’ve ordered, accompanied by a message like “Your present is on its way!” That way, customers won’t be left empty-handed over the holidays, and you can salvage the sales.

These holiday gift card images have worked wonders in the past. Here’s some of the positive feedback I’ve received:

Save your sales with these holiday gift card images

So to make your holiday season even more lucrative, over the years, I’ve enlisted my amazing designers to create sets gift card images that you can send to last-minute shoppers. Take a sneak peek below:

Ready to elevate your customer experience? Click the links below to grab all the helpful gift card images!

When in doubt about whether an order will arrive on time, simply attach an image of the customer’s order to the card and send it to them via email or private message. If you’re wondering, “Can you use a picture of a gift card?” the answer is yes!

Just inform your customers that they can print the free gift card images and give them to their intended recipients. That way, they won’t have to turn up empty-handed at any of their holiday events.

These cards are your secret weapon against cancellations and refunds from last-minute shoppers. Let’s keep your sales going strong!

Also, to make your holiday listings and social media content more engaging, you can find my holiday product mockups below:

Use these free journal mockups to help boost your ecommerce business

And remember, if you want my Holiday Advent Calendar… it will be active from December 13-24. :)

Share your thoughts on these holiday gift card ideas by leaving a comment below. If you find these cards useful, please share them with your friends and followers. 

Save sales with holiday gift card images

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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