Birthday Weekend – It was so magical!

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Wow… I had such an amazing birthday weekend, and I wanted to post about it here so I’d remember it forever. :)

I’m going to go in order here:

On Thursday (day before my birthday), Jaime flew in from Canada to come visit. Every time I see her is PHENOMENAL, so this was obviously was no exception. ;)

While she was sleeping from jet lag and no sleep for a few days, there was a knock at the door. Turns out Brian had sent me a dozen roses and Happy Birthday balloons.

A few short hours later, Otto got here. Before he started the 6 hour drive from San Diego, he asked me if there was anything he could bring me. I told him since he couldn’t bring me an acai bowl from “Big Squeeze” (they make the best ones I ever tasted), my juicer would do. ;)

(Side note: I just signed on for a place in Scottsdale for a few months. I know my last post wasn’t the most complimentary towards it, but I’ve been meeting some amazing people and ended up falling in love.)

Anyway – Otto got here with ALL MY STUFF from storage in San Diego. I thought I was going to have to fly back to get it, so that was SUPER-AMAZING.

Then he took me down to the van where he said he had another present for me. He took out a styrofoam cooler and when I opened it, there was 3 lbs of dry ice inside… and an acai bowl!

Afterwards, the three of us went out to dinner with Otto’s new friend Alex – a supercool snowboarding instructor.

As you can see, this stuff was all ridiculously phenomenal as is… but the next day (my birthday) topped it even more.

When I woke up, Otto told me to open a present he had mailed to me a week or so ago (I was waiting for my birthday to open it). When I opened it, it was a framed paper that he wrote up entitled “50 Things I Love About Rachel Rofe” (including a Bonus one :)). It was VERY sweet and just made the day start off wonderfully.

When I walked into my living room, I heard my phone ringing. When I went to go look at it, I saw Brian was calling. I knew he was very sick and couldn’t talk (or even really whisper), so I was surprised to hear from him. When I picked up, it was his girlfriend calling on behalf of him to say Happy Birthday. :)

After I hung up, I had several text messages, including one from Joshua who told me to check my screen door for “not one but two envelopes”. Since he lives right near his work, he had to drive out of his way to come here. I opened the envelopes and there was a beautiful card and a poem he wrote for me in another. It was really beautiful :)

My mom, sister, and brother called shortly after. :)

Jaime, Otto, and I all ended up going to breakfast at The Breakfast Club – a superyummy place to eat. We all kind of hung out for a bit, and then Jaime treated me to a 90 minute massage (which was PURE BLISS).

When I checked my email, I was bombarded (in a great way) by tons of Facebook “Happy Birthday” messages, twitter messages, and awesome digital cards (including a super-funny one from my trainer and his business partner, and my friend Martha :))

Later on in the day we went to Green (an AMAZING vegan restaurant that we all fell in love with and went to every day – Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Everything we tried (and we tried a lot!) was so delicious!

Jaime also gave me a really cool game that asks all sorts of profound questions… it’s meant to be for dinner parties or when you have new guests around. We had fun playing with it :)

After that, we headed out to party for a few hours in Old-Town Scottsdale. We went to a place Jaime and I went to a few years ago – Dirty Pretty – and just had fun listening to old songs and dancing.

Overall, the night ended phenomenally.

Yesterday (Saturday), the three of us hung out some more. We went back to Green, and then when Otto went to go visit his friend, Jaime and I had some “girl” time. We went clothes shopping and then to a bookstore (where Jaime proceeded to buy a mountain of books :)).

Today’s Sunday… I drove Jaime back to the airport this morning (BOO). Otto’s speaking at an event in Prescott, AZ, and he should be back in a few hours… and he leaves tomorrow (another BOO).

Boos aside though, it was a fantastic weekend and I’m so grateful for my amazing friends and family. I really couldn’t ask for a better weekend. When I recounted the events to Brian last night, he was flabbergasted at how much awesomeness took place. It’s true – acai bowls, poem, “50 Things I Love About Rachel Rofe”, a massage, friends flying in from Canada, 6 hour drives…

I’m a lucky girl :)

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0 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend – It was so magical!”

  1. Crazy bday weekend. :) Definitely memories and moments to cherish forever. They say happiness isn’t a feeling it’s something that happens moment to moment.

    Hearing your fave song, spending a day with your favorite person, reading a good book. Your weekend was filled with those all important moments and they’ll make for wonderful memories to look back on some day, especially when times invariably turn a little dark. :) Definitely a lucky girl!

    Here’s to the next bday being just as spectacular!


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Rachel Rofe's three free print on demand reports include your guide to finding untapped niches, 10 products that made over $1000 and the Etsy trends report.

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