Burning Man update :)

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I’ve been wanting to write about Burning Man was ever since I started driving back on Monday, but I literally had too much energy to sit still at the computer.

Words can’t even begin to explain the experience I just had.

The closest ones I can find are… divine. Epic. Life-changing.


I don’t even know where to start, so I guess I’ll just pick one thing and go from there.

First of all, going to Burning Man seemed so intimidating. You’re supposed to pack dust masks, goggles, and be prepared for white-outs at any time (where storms of dust come and fly everywhere, rendering you pretty much blind).

They tell you to prepare for extreme temperatures and be ready for all kinds of situations.

And it seems so intense that it’s almost a barrier to entry for people.

Only the people who REALLY want to go persevere.

But it’s worth it.

Upon entering Burning Man, some greeters stopped our RV and asked who was a “virgin” to the festival. For all of us newbies, they had us come out of the RV, gave us a hug, and then had us make dust angels in the ground.

The fun continued from that moment on.

There was literally magic in every single pocket of that desert.

I’d walk around and find the coolest things. One time I found a camp of people making creme brulee in 100 degree weather – with flamers and everything. They were handing it out to everyone who came by.

Another camp had carnival games where you could do ring toss, knock down bowling pins, or throw a ball through Jennifer Aniston’s mouth. If you won, you got a prize. If you lost, you had to spin the “loser wheel” and do funny dares.

People made makeshift lounges where you could hang out. Others handed out snow cones. Others had panels to discuss cutting-edge topics.

It was just incredible.

And it felt like there was just SO MUCH MAGIC all the time. For example, one day I was walking towards my camp to get to a panel on time. Some guy started walking by me in the opposite direction, singing a song.

After half a block of walking past him, the words he’d been singing kept playing in my head. I decided I needed to hear more… even if he was going the opposite direction. So I ran back to him and just followed him as he sang.

When he finally stopped, I thanked him.

He said, “For what?”

I said, “For your voice!”

He laughed and turned away. And in that moment, I realized that he literally walked me to EXACTLY where my camp was.

I’d been going the wrong way.

Another time, I was really hot. It was the first time the heat bothered me and I felt myself getting cranky.

I told my friend I was going to sit down for a minute and found a table with about 10 other people.

Out of nowhere, a man with a huge block of ice came up to me.

He said, “Can I borrow your face?”

I said “YES!”… and he proceeded to ice down my face. Out of appreciation, I said “I love you!” and he said “I love you too, that’s why I’m doing this.”… and then walked away.

I can give you a million more stories like that. My friend Annie described Burning Man as a place with “more magic per square foot than any other place on earth” and I totally agree.

And besides the good times, there were also some very intense growth experiences.

I feel like I got VERY transformed in that week period (and will definitely share more in the weeks to come).

For now, I wanted to give you some kind of update. :) I’ve been foaming at the mouth to share more with you but I’ve just been way too amped up to be able to sit still.

I haven’t even taken down the buttons for the Burning Man sale yet (which I plan on doing soon).

Life has been feeling just so darn good lately.

The trip was incredible, I’m about to go on another impromptu trip to San Francisco, I came back and saw that our Staying Accountable members have been seeing huge success…

And like I said, the week was very transformative. There were some hard parts too. But overall, I just feel like things are amazing. I feel very ALIVE, happy, and fulfilled.

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