Cancun Recap…

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So I’m sitting here on my plane – free upgrade to first class, by the way :) – and decided to make a new blog entry.

Cancun was absolutely AMAZING.

It was the best trip ever. Jaime and I went for 2 weeks, and the trip was broken up into 3 parts. We got to one hotel for a few days where we partied like rockstars, then we went to Club Med for a seminar for a week, and then we went to another hotel where we just relaxed and settled down.

I’ll forever hold the trip as one of my best experiences ever, but here are some of my main takeaways:

1. Intuition trumps logic every time. I don’t know why I’ve fought so hard against this for such a long time, but it’s really true. Whenever I go with my gut instinct, things work out far better than what I “think” should happen.It’s true in business, with relationships, with everything.

It used to be hard for me to justify things on emotion – “But it just feels right” – but I don’t care anymore. And I feel like most successful people agree, based on the conversations I’ve had and listened to.

2.I will never again say I’m not sure about “spirituality”. Some of the experiences I had over the weeks were absolutely mind-boggling. The way things came together for me, the experiences I went through, and the growth that came out of two weeks time… just incredible. There’s no way there isn’t something bigger out there, it’s just not possible.

3. Relaxation is AWESOME. I didn’t have the Internet for a week at Club Med (there was a storm that blew it out) and my air card wasn’t working, so I had to learn how to relax.

That might sound easy, but I’m normally a very go-go-go person. In fact, I even wrote down what relaxation felt like in my journal. :) But I really realized on the trip that not only is relaxation a fun feeling, but when you actually stop and take time to THINK and LISTEN TO YOURSELF – that’s when everything comes together.

So many successful people say to “center yourself”, or “meditate”, or “quiet the noise”, and I never wanted to stop long enough to do that. It’s absolutely mindboggling, though, once you do it… how much you just inherently know.

The more I learn, the more I realize that the path to success is incredibly counterintuitive. (Counterintuitive to logic, that is – definitely not counterintuitive to your intuition.)

Guess that’s it for now. I did learn some good business stuff, too, but I just shared the much more important part. :)

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