Catching up…

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Things have been really busy on my end. I should be posting more…

But thank you to everybody who left comments. I do read them and really appreciate them.

So… the last time I posted was back in May. Since then, lots of stuff has happened.

First, I launched a site called 5PositiveThings. It’s looking a little sparse now as we had to delete all the old posts in our upgrade, but I’m psyched about it and how many it has the potential to benefit.

Second, Otto and I were supposed to move to a place in La Jolla on August 1st. I wasn’t 100% on San Diego but LOVED the apartment. Anyway, the owner asked if we could hold out a week, so we got an extension on our current place. Yesterday (the 28th), after I called her, she decided she needed another month.

After driving around for a bit, we still couldn’t find anywhere we really loved…

And then this morning, we mutually decided that this was one sign on top of a few that we should probably just end our relationship and stay good friends. We both have a deep love for each other and a deep respect, but we’re not “in love”.

We’re both eerily calm about this, and will continue to do our offline business stuff together.

I’m back at the drawing board now – can grab a place here in San Diego, move in with Jaime for a month, move to Miami with Brian for a while, or get a place with Joanna (I’ve only talked to 3 people so far and all 3 had incredible options for me :)).

I’m thinking about staying in SoCal just so Otto has a support system too… but have also thought about Australia, Hawaii, and NYC. I’ll probably take the next month to think. :)

In other news, after going back and forth about being in the Internet Marketing industry, I’ve decided that I *AM* okay with it… as long as I’m promoting things I really believe in and nothing too hype-y sounding. I started re-building my list and things have been awesome so far.

I guess I’ll end here for now… am sure there’s more to talk about, but I’m happy to just make a post and update the site a bit!! :)

Don’t forget to post at 5PositiveThings :), and thanks for reading.

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  1. Hey, just 2 cents- I’m sorry to hear about your relationship; I am at a similar point in my relationship with my girlfriend. But back to my $.02- Stay away from New York; the tax rate is as high as 54% there, and the cost of living is much higher than most other places. I grew up in California, and I looked for a place with a similar climate, culture, and a booming, vibrant economy; eventually I settled on Texas (Dallas) and I have been so happy! Income tax here starts at the $1mill mark, plus Carrie Wilkerson is here, as are most of the other big marketers (in Austin). I’m sure your business will skyrocket if you take off here.

  2. Eerily is good – when things feel that calm it means you’re heading in the right direction – if CALM is a word seldom in your vocabulary (as with me) – it can feel ridiculously weird! lol

    gl with the move!


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