Crazy Flight Sale: Thank You! :)



I’m feeling so excited as I make this thank you page, eager to see how many people took me up on it. :)

Here’s how this is going to work:

You’ve been automatically added to a special list. I’ll email you through that list. :) But just so you know how each one will work…

As soon as Mario (coaching-client-turned-friend) is ready to give you early-bird access to the Kindle course, I’ll send you a link. Like I said, we’re aiming to wrap it up this week. :)

If you’d like to be in the pilot group for getting to the top of Kindle, simply email [email protected] and let me know. We’ll put you on the waiting list.

For your 30 days access to Staying Accountable, Michaela (my V.A.) will send you some some things to get started very soon. :) We have you fill out some paperwork at first so we can get very clear on your goals and how we can best serve you.

For 20% off any one of my products, just email me at [email protected] any time within the next 3 months and I’ll set you up with a coupon code. You can find a listing of my products here and here.

For 30 minute access to me, just email me within the next 3 months with however you think I can support you.

And for my video editor, just email [email protected] with your project and he’ll get on it in a first-come, first-served basis. He’s normally very quick.

YAY!! :)

Thank you again – I’ll be back in touch again soon. :)

With love,

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