Day 3… Am I Making Excuses Or Ignoring My Intuition?

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Trying to decide if I should stay on the cleanse I’m on or just move on to healthy eating!

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  1. Sweet chickadee, it’s true…you paid a lot of money to do this program with these women, and of course you want to get the most out of it.

    I also heard you say that before you had joined the program you told yourself that cleanses like this were not for you. That you’d do gluten-free, dairy-free cleanses and things like that, or things with supplements, but not cleanses like this one.

    So what I’m seeing is that you used this expensive coaching program as an opportunity to step out of your integrity with yourself. You made a choice and it wasn’t in favor of YOU.

    Traditional thinking would lead you to believe that in order to get your money’s worth you have to do things they way everyone else is doing it in the group.

    But what if it were the other way around?

    What if your $30k lesson was about intentionally staying true to your integrity and not wavering?

    What if your $30k lesson was about loving you with all of your heart and only doing things that feel good to you…even while others are doing something as a group that you’re not doing?

    What if you didn’t pay the 30k for the reasons you think you did? Are you willing to being surprised?

    I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not a size 4. I’ve never done 10 days of the Master Cleanse.

    I am someone who LOVES to feel good. I’m someone who has read The Big Leap (many times!) And I am someone committed to ME and to feeling good.

    From what I see, this investment in the mastermind is being used as an upper limit to how good you’re allowing yourself to feel.

    You’re blaming the cleanse for why you’re not feeling good. You’re blaming the cost of the mastermind for why you’re doing this.

    Blaming puts us in a victim mode. You’re no victim girlie!!

    You’re totally and massively empowered.

    And in this situation, you stopped letting yourself feel good when you took on a cleanse even though you knew from past experience that you didn’t want to do cleanses like that anymore just because you spent a lot of money on a program where they were doing it.

    It has nothing to do with the $30k. It has nothing to do with the Master Cleanse itself.
    You’re using those as excuses for why you can’t feel good. They are what you’re using to upper limit yourself.

    When you started the cleanse even though you told yourself you didn’t want to do cleanses like that anymore, you demonstrated to yourself that you are more committed to ________________ than you are to yourself.

    No wonder you feel bad.

    Not only that, but your body doesn’t let you enjoy cleanses because you don’t really want to be doing them!

    Other people do cleanses and they don’t feel bad, or they don’t mind the feelings that come up. They’re okay with it. Why? Because they’re in their integrity about it. They want to be doing it. I did juice for 64 days and my body and I loved it. You don’t want to do cleanses – so your body is not happy either, see?

    My suggestion? Move toward the LOVE. Move toward the GOODNESS! Whatever it takes…just move toward feeling GOOD! Move toward being your greatest advocate on the entire planet! Feel good. Feel good. Feel good. That’s it.

    As you keep feeling good everything else can come. Trust that it’s okay to feel good. Dis-solve the upper limit that says it’s dangerous to feel good, or that it’s not okay. Open up your capacity to experience more love, success and abundance. You can do it girl! And I love you. I love you. I love you.

    • Posted on FB and here too…

      WOW Mona. Not only do I love you to an exponential degree, but your comment was SO 100% ON POINT!!!

      That is really amazing. I woke up this morning thinking I’d keep pushing through, NOT because I wanted to do it, but because it’s usually worth more to me to fit into a group than to listen to what *I* want.

      (Even though this morning I couldn’t see for almost 2 minutes, my stomach was doing palpitations, and my head is spinning.)

      How do you know so much!??!? That is incredibly brilliant and SO freaking empowering!!

      Wow… thank you so, so, much. Your advice means a LOT to me.

      I. LOVE. YOU!!!

      • EAT FOOD

        Not being able to see and dizziness are symptoms anorexic people show… AKA you’re starving yourself.

        This ‘cleanse’ is not worth your life. I would like to see you in June at your wedding not at your funeral!


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