Eleanor Tara on finding your purpose and feeling fulfilled.

Eleanor TaraEleanor Tara on finding your purpose and feeling fulfilled.

Podcast Overview:

Eleanor Tara was a high-profile record label executive for over a decade, making a lot of money and living a life many dream about.

However, she had something nagging in her that what she was doing wasn’t right for her.

She ended up walking away from everything to follow bread crumbs leading her to her true calling.

In this episode, she goes over some best practices for how you can align with your true purpose and find greater fulfillment.

Eleanor’s Bio:

Eleanor Tara is a Life Purpose Mentor and Vedic Astrologer. She started her career in the music business and was a successful record label executive for over a decade, but walked away from everything to follow her true calling, helping people understand their life’s path through Vedic Astrology Readings.

Over time, she began mentoring more and more of her clients around following their hearts to find their life purpose, and that has become the main focus of her work. Eleanor draws on her varied background to combine both the spiritual and the practical realms so that her work is firmly grounded in reality and can yield impressive, tangible results. She works with her clients through one-on-one readings, mentoring programs and online classes. To find out more about working with Eleanor, please visit her website.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Landmark Education – Where Eleanor learned a process to help get herself unstuck.

Live Your Life Purpose Now – Eleanor’s 6-week course and website.

Episode Transcript

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