Etsy wedding trends – What you need to know for your design ideas

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I’ve been all about “mass market” concepts lately.

I’ve been watching Don make a ton of sales in the family market (to sisters, moms, brothers, dads, grandparents, etc.) and I’ve been loving the idea of playing in niches that lots of people experience.

Weddings are something that almost everyone deals with – either via getting married or being part of someone else’s wedding.

When Etsy released this wedding trends report last month, I decided to jump in with gusto and share the info sooner rather than later.

People get married every day, so it’s to your advantage to have wedding designs available year-round. Wedding designs are popular among couples who are looking to gift each other something special. They are used as part of proposals (e.g. a coffee mug that says, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”). They are handed out as wedding favors. And they make great gifts for people to give to the happy couple.

To get the most out of your wedding designs, the trends discussed in Etsy’s report are worth checking out.

The trends include…

  • 70s vibes
  • Non-traditional wedding parties
  • Wellness favors
  • Coordinating couples

Below, you’ll find more information about each of the trends along with design suggestions and a social media post you can use to promote your products.

Let’s take a look…

’70s vibes

According to Etsy,  ’70s style is making a comeback when it comes to wedding decor. What this looks like is lots of groovy font choices, retro color palettes, and disco glamor (think Studio 54).

Here are some examples:

Groovy lettering

These are the trends to pay attention to with your ecommerce wedding designs

Retro colors

These are the trends to pay attention to with your ecommerce wedding designs

Disco glamor

These are the trends to pay attention to with your ecommerce wedding designs

Design ideas 

So what you can do is take these trends and incorporate them into wedding gift designs. With any text-based designs, choose a ’70s inspired font and retro colors, such as…

  • golden yellow
  • avocado green
  • silver
  • burnt orange
  • cerulean blue

You can add images of things like disco balls, vinyl records, roller skates, and peace signs. And you can include specific lingo:

  • boogie
  • funky
  • far out
  • right on
  • groovy
  • ace
  • yeah, baby
  • bitch’n
  • bomb
  • brick house
  • dig it
  • dude
  • flower power
  • gas
  • gnarly
  • good vibes
  • hip
  • copacetic
  • dang
  • dy-no-mite!
  • fox
  • foxy mama
  • neato
  • nifty
  • psyched
  • rad

For example, you could say something like…

Dude, will you be my [groomsman / best man]?
Dudette, will you be my [bridesmaid / maid of honor]?
Congrats on your groovy love!
Just married – yeah, baby!
My fiance is a fox
My fiance is a foxy mama

Social media post

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Non-traditional wedding parties

Wedding parties no longer consist of just the usual players (e.g. bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, bridesmaid, groomsman, flower girl, ring bearer). Nowadays, more and more couples are balking at tradition and doing their own thing, which means including all of their loved ones – even their pets in some cases.

You’ll see…

  • best woman
  • best dog
  • best cat
  • best officiant
  • bridesman
  • groomswoman
  • junior bridesmaid
  • junior groomsman
  • and more.

Design ideas 

This is fantastic for design purposes because it opens things up and allows you to create even more versions of a single design. For example, if you have a design aimed at asking someone to be a bridesmaid, you can take that same design and turn it into a bridesman proposal.

Here are some examples I found after running a Google image search for “bridesman mugs”:

These are the trends to pay attention to with your ecommerce wedding designs

Similarly, if you make a design for the best man, you can use it for the best woman or the best pet (it’s a thing).

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Wellness favors

Giving favors that promote wellness and relaxation is another trend on Etsy. The Etsy blog mentions seeing an increase in searches for items such as…

  • crystals
  • soaps
  • and candles.

But you can still spin your mugs, shot glasses, tumblers, and other items to factor in wellness and relaxation as well, especially based on what you say in the descriptions and how you promote the products.

Description ideas 

You can create designs that people can customize with things like the couple’s name, the date of the wedding, or its location. Then, in the items’ descriptions, you can write about how they would make excellent wedding favors. (My thought is that either mugs or shot glasses would make the best wedding favors.)

Also in the description, you could suggest different things that people could place inside the mugs or shot glasses as a way of enhancing the favors and tying in the ideas of wellness and relaxation. You might suggest adding flavored teas, hot cocoa, a box of mints, bubble bath, or anything else you can think of.

Social media post

You could do something similar with your promotions. For example, you might say…

Help your #wedding guests #relax after partying the night away with our customizable mugs. They pair well with herbal teas or hot cocoa and make great #weddingfavors. Shop our selection here: [insert link] and get 10% off if you order [X] or more

Coordinating couples 

The last trend on this list has to do with couples who want coordinating products to signify their union. Etsy specifically talks about coordinating jackets. But I think there’s an opportunity here to create other coordinating products, such as coffee mug sets, shot glass sets, travel mug sets, and pillowcase sets.

Design ideas 

Easy coordinating design ideas would be things like…

  • Have one item in a set say “Wife” and the other item say “Husband” – and don’t forget to include gay and lesbian couples. You could have one item say “Husband #1” and the other say “Husband #2”  or “Wife #1” and “Wife #2.” You could also just have two that say “Husband” or two that say “Wife.”
  • Create sets where both items say “Just married” or…
    • “‘Til death”
    • “The one”
    • “Happily Ever After”
    • etc.
  • Make one item in the set start a phrase, such as “Happily,” and have the other item complete the phrase – “Ever After.”
  • Let couples personalize the sets with their names and the date of either the wedding or the day they got engaged.

Here’s some additional inspiration from a Google image search I ran for the phrase “couple mug sets.”

These are the trends to pay attention to with your ecommerce wedding designs

Social media post

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I hope you found this post useful! Leave a comment below and share any insight you have. Also, please be sure to share this post with your friends and followers if you enjoyed it!

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