February 2019 Brags

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This is my latest “brag post” where I go over wins from the previous month.

As always, feel free to join in by celebrating your big wins in the comments.

And in no special order, here are some of my favorite things this past month:

1. We had lots of fun in February. Don and I went to NYC a few times and on both trips we got to see our friend Ankur (pictured in the middle) which was very fun.

Our second NYC trip was part of an awesome Valentine’s Day surprise that Don planned for me. He got second row seats to Hamilton, reservations for an incredible dinner, and booked a great hotel room. We had a fantastic celebration.

We also took the time to go to Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market a couple times (once to check it out ourselves, the second time to bring my mom and sister since we had so much fun).

We also saw Gabe a lot, went to the jump park, and had lots of play time.

2. I hired an exceptional new salesman for CustomHappy. He’s going to help us out a lot and makes a great new addition to our team.

3.  I took an improv class! I’d been wanting to go for a while as a fun new “out of comfort zone” activity and I had a really good time. I’d definitely love to go to more classes once I get back from some upcoming travel.

4. I had another very helpful call with my mentor to get even more clarity on 2019. I feel so clear about everything this year and am LOVING having a solid structure.

5. CustomHappy created and shipped over 60,000 items in January 2019 which was a 37.63% increase over last year.

6. My morning routine is still going strong. At least 5 days out of every 7 (but usually all 7), I stretch or do exercise, do a minute of planks, meditate, write down my yearly goals, write what I’m grateful for, and take time to journal for clarity. I LOVE this routine.

7. I am enjoying the continuous great results coming in from Jumpstart and Low Hanging System. Here are a few of the latest ones:

8. I’ve been massively productive after re-starting “Power Hours” with a friend of mine. We each tell each other what we’re going to accomplish in the next 60 minutes and then have hyper-focus until we report back. It is SO helpful! (If you’re interested in doing that btw, Ankur told me about a free site called FocusMate that you can find partners to do this with.)

Anyway, this is all I can think of / find in my calendar at the moment. How about YOU? What wins do you want to share? :)

February brags

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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