February 2020 Brags

Rachel Rofe ecommerce business brags
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Welcome to my newest brag post. If you’re new to these, the gist is that every month I recap my wins from the previous month so that I have a nice record of them. You’re always more than welcome (and encouraged!) to join in the comments below.

In no particular order, here are some of my biggest wins from February 2020:

1. Don and I went on a really fun trip to Miami and then Tampa.

The picture here is of us hanging out on a boat.

We went on a few really great boat rides, swam at the beach, explored Little Havana, and overall enjoyed the great weather.

Our trip was 15 days and we’ll likely be going back again very soon. It’s great to be there while it’s cold in Pennsylvania, and it’s only a quick plane ride away from Gabe.

2. Speaking of trips, I went to Austin in the beginning of the month. On my first day there I finally got to meet my hero Stephanie from my team! She is amazing, to put it lightly, and it was fantastic to finally meet her.

Right after visiting with her, I saw friends and had a great few days visiting with them.

3. I started 75Hard. If you haven’t heard of that yet, you can listen to the podcast here (I haven’t listened to it yet – ha!).

The premise for 75Hard is that you have to commit to:

– A diet (your choice) and never deviate from it – no cheat meals, no alcohol

– Drink a gallon of water every day

– Work out 2 times daily, one has to be outside, both for at least 45 minutes (this can be as easy as going for a walk – I took the picture here when I was walking around in the rain)

– Read (not audiobook) 10 pages of a personal development book every day

– Take a progress picture each day

If you mess up on anything, you need to start all over. My friend Ruchi was on Day 58 and only read 4 pages of personal development so she had to start from scratch.

For my outside workout, I usually just go on a long walk and catch up with friends via the Marco Polo app. I’ve been walking in snow, major wind, and rain.

And while all of this sounds extreme, I’ve actually been LOVING 75Hard. It’s advertised more as a mental toughness challenge than anything else, and I’ve been finding this to be a wonderful version of self care. Everything we’re doing is beneficial for us so it feels like a bunch of nourishment.

(As I write this blog post on March 3, I’m on day 22 of 75Hard).

4. My mentor and his son, our CFO, visited CustomHappy. It was great to show them around!

5. I created an offering where I gave myself a challenge to make $50k on Etsy by Father’s Day. It was a random idea, but it was very well received and we got lots of people to join me during the challenge. I’m excited to see how it goes and to learn how to get even more milage out of Etsy (Amazon is usually my big seller).

6. We hired an HR person for CustomHappy and she has been a DREAM. I’m so glad she’s here!

7. I dipped my toes back into making options calls and while I definitely am not quitting my day job, I had fun experimenting and made some big wins.

8. I’m still doing my 12 Week Year. With all the travel (really, with all the travel near Don – it’s so hard to work around him!) it was difficult to get as much done as I wanted, but I’m still committed to the process and making great things happen.

9. We made some great feature updates to Picsplosion as well as the SpotWins software that’s part of Jumpstart and Low Hanging System.

I know this may sound minor but they’d been taking months to get finished and I’m glad they’re finally there!

10. People in Jumpstart and Low Hanging System are still doing a fantastic job! Here are some of their latest wins:

That’s it for now — how about YOU? Anything you want to share? I’d truly love to hear it!

Rachel Rofe monthly brags

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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