Feed your hustle – with Adria DeCorte

Work food ideas can be hard to come by - especially ideas that keep you feeling in "hustle" mode. This post will help. The gluten free waffle story = ah-mazing.Warning: The first 10 minutes in this one has rough audio, but then it gets better. I apologize for that! I don’t know what happened, but knew the content was so good that I didn’t want you to miss out.

You can also get the audio transcript by scrolling down.

Today, I speak with Adria DeCorte, a close friend whose business teachings revolve around making eating healthy doable.

In our conversation, we cover:

– Why what you eat impacts your body and how it can also affect your business

– The types of food to eat to supercharge creativity flow and make you feel more inspired

-What you need to fuel your body with to become more grounded, productive, and ready to hustle

– The easy tool Adria uses (instead of recipes) to simplify kitchen time and yield a variety of different tasty meal options

– How to use food remixes to reboot your leftovers and continuously bring fresh energy to your business

…and a bit more about Adria’s top 3 action steps for anyone who wants to integrate a healthier lifestyle into their world without the fuss and inconvenience.

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Links and Resources Mentioned:

Feed Your Hustle – Adria’s podcast, which concerns self-care, eating well, moving our bodies, and balancing our personal and professional lives

ReWild Yourself – Daniel Vitalis’ podcast

AdriaDeCorte.com – Adria’s website

Free Gift – go here to receive a free 3-minute morning meal plan from Adria

Episode Transcript:

Click here to download the transcript of today’s episode.

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Work food ideas can be hard to come by - especially ideas that keep you feeling in "hustle" mode. This post will help. The gluten free waffle story = ah-mazing.

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