Free face mask mockups to give your sales a boost

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You’ve now received a whole bunch of different mockups from me, from coffee mugs to necklaces and bracelets. And I’ve got a new batch of mockups to share with you today.

At this point, it should be no surprise that face mask sales are huge right now. We all need to wear face masks to keep both ourselves and the people around us safe during the pandemic. So plenty of customers are eager to buy these items.

And that’s why I had my fantastic designers create a series of face mask mockups to give to you.

The mockups come in two face mask styles:

  • small
  • neck gaiter

You can add these mockups to your Amazon or Etsy product listings to make your offers stand out. You can use them to create more engaging social media content and promotions. Or, you can include them on your business’ website as you scale up.

The face mask mockups come in four sizes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. And they are 100% free to use.

You can opt-in to download the mockups below. And whether you add the mockups to your product listings or social media campaigns (or both!), hopefully, they’ll earn you more face mask sales.

Here’s a preview of the mockups:

Opt-in below to download the complete set of face mask mockups

(This helps us gauge if people enjoy the mockups and if we should keep adding more. Please allow a few minutes for the email to reach your inbox.)

After downloading the mockups, add your face mask designs using any graphic software. Then, upload the images to your listings or promotional content.

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I hope you find these face mask mockups useful! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. And if you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it with your friends!

Face mask mockups to boost your ecommerce business sales

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

13 thoughts on “Free face mask mockups to give your sales a boost”

  1. Love the mockups, but I have one huge question. Are we now carrying Gaiter masks, and if so, where? I checked both gearbubble and custom happy and could not find anything.


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