Free t-shirt mockups to give your sales a boost

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I’ve recently added more t-shirt designs to my Amazon and Etsy stores, and they’ve been selling pretty well (especially on Amazon).

That got me thinking that I haven’t shared any t-shirt mockups on my blog before. But customers love seeing apparel displayed on a model. It helps them picture what they’d look like while wearing the item, which can make them more likely to purchase

Anytime I’ve shared mockups in the past, the response has always been positive. So, to add to your mockup collection, you’ll find a batch of t-shirt mockups below that I had my fabulous designers whip up.

The mockups are for three different t-shirt styles:

  1. Unisex tee
  2. Women’s tee
  3. V-neck tee

You can add these mockups to your Amazon or Etsy product listings to make your offers stand out. You can use them to create more engaging social media content and promotions. Or, you can include them on your website as you scale up.

The t-shirt mockups come in nine colors (white, grey, black, red, royal blue, navy, purple, and pink) and four sizes (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest). And they are 100% free to use.

You can opt-in to download the mockups below. Hopefully, they’ll help you get more t-shirt sales, whether you add these mockups to your product listings or your social media campaigns (or both!).

Here’s a preview of what the mockups look like:

Opt-in below to download the complete set of t-shirt mockups


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After downloading the mockups, just add your t-shirt designs using any graphic software. Then, upload the images to your listings or promotional social media content.

I hope you find these t-shirt mockups useful! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. And if you enjoy the mockups, please consider sharing this post with your friends!

Increase your ecommerce sales with these free t-shirt mockups

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

24 thoughts on “Free t-shirt mockups to give your sales a boost”

  1. Hi Rachel I do not understand how to upload these mockups to Gearbubble please help I was told to upload them to my Gearbubble inventory list but where is that I do not understand how to do that!

  2. Thank you! Am I signing up by entering my email? I do not have a get my images button! These are all wonderful and much better than i could do so thank you thank you thank you!!!

    • Hey Terra, Yes! When you input your email, you’ll be given access to download the free images. :) Please let us know if you have any trouble! Thanks!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    RE: downloading the images, I saw that you replied to someone saying to click on the “get my images” in this post. However, I don’t this anywhere. I see the button for downloading the post as a pdf.

    Can you please direct me on how/where else I can download the images?


    • Hey there, There should be a space for you to sign up with your email address to download the mockups. If you don’t see that, please try accessing the post using another web browser. It’s working for me using Chrome. :)

  4. Rachel, if everything you are talkin about sounds like Greek To Me, is there any hope of me ever having a successful online business? I’m not being silly, it is an honest question.


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