From addicted to meth, 400+ pounds and depressed to choosing a new life: Scott Tibbet’s journey

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From addicted to meth, 400+ pounds and depressed to choosing a new life. Scott Tibbet's inspiring journey. | A Better Life Podcast

Podcast Overview:

In this episode, Scott talks to us about how he became sober, lost 140 pounds (and counting), and what he does to keep his depression in check.

If there’s anything in your life that you’d like to change, you’ll definitely want to hear Scott’s powerful midnset techniques.

He has made lasting changes in his life without ever going to counseling or formal rehabilitation and tells us exactly how.

Scott’s Bio

At 17 years old Scott moved from a busy city to a small desert town, met the wrong people and turned to methamphetamine. The people that introduced him to methamphetamine became his friends, and he became an addict. After 4 four years of drug abuse and addiction, dropping out of high school and a frame of mind he knew were wrong, he realized he had a decision to make: keep leading this abusive irrational life-style or stop the path of destruction. He chose to stop the destructive life he was living. He realized the power of his decisions, and vowed to stop using methamphetamine.

When he was 29 and working as an emergency medical technician he injured his back and became unable to work. This lead to depression and his weight sored to 400 + pounds. At 37, again he realized his circumstance was a product of his choices.  He vowed again to change for the better. He is now 42 years old, and a sober college graduate with an AA with an emphasis in psychology and will have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology in June of 2015. Although he has about 40 pounds to go, he has lost 140 pounds, continues to shed pounds and stopped smoking cigarettes. He has never had counseling, formal rehabilitation, or relapse.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Scott’s Twitter account

ReverbNation – Where you can find Scott on ReverbNation

AllPoetry – Scott’s poetry

Episode Transcript

Click here for a transcript of today’s episode.

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