I’m turning into one of “those” people…

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A warning before you read any more of this entry:

If you’re sick of all my positive posts… you should probably leave now. :) This has absolutely no relevance to anything. I just enjoy bragging (and I can, because it’s my blog. :D ) Now that that’s out of the way…

Read what someone said on the Warrior Forum about the Mafioso Marketing letter that I wrote:

“While some of the rest of you are taking valuable time from your business via conspiracy talk in the guise of debate, I went ahead and went to MafiosoMarketing.Com and read some of the best ad copy I’ve ever seen.

This copy hits harder then a Teamster Leg Breaker collecting overdue vigorish.

and I’ll let the rest of you decide where they buried Jimmy Hoffa and/or if this guy’s WSO adds up to your liking…etc.

Seems like too many people like to talk marketing rather then….getting off their asses, getting in the game, and selling something.

I don’t have time to balance a hundred factors, or wait for the moon, stars, and sun to align perfectly in the sky before I buy.

Now I’m gonna sign off and go buy this guys product simply “out of respect” for his awesome copywriting.”

I’ll admit it… I jumped up and down.

Like… five times.

I’m a huge freaking nerd.

And I enjoy it.

But wait – I’m not done yet!




I met an awesome guy in San Diego… he was the one I was going to barter office space with. Anyway, look at what he wrote me:

“I can’t tell you how many people have been touched in a positive way because of our short meeting. If you’re ever in San Diego again please give me a call. There is always room for you to stay.”

Now… if there really is merit to this law of attraction and positive mindset stuff… it would make sense that this all comes AFTER I re-read my Warrior notebook. :)

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “I’m turning into one of “those” people…”

  1. Yo Rachel,

    Considering I’m the guy who wrote the words that caused you to hop like a bunny 5 TIMES, I figured I should get some equal air time.

    Now Vegas Vince here isn’t impressed by much. And I’ve always been my own “muse” because I usually create my own inspiration.

    (Well other then that cute coctail waitress in Reno but that’s another story. She was pretty inspirational, however. Sorry)

    Let me break it down to “you’se people”….

    Rachel Rofe is probably one of best damn copywriters in the world. Period. End of story.

    And there’s a reason for this that goes far beyond her understanding of buzz words and the Gambino Crime Family.

    She’s lived. Read her blog and you’ll feel like your lives are dull compared to what this girl has done.

    That’s the type of real life experience needed in order to put shit down on paper and inspire people to spend their money for the product being pitched.

    That’s a gift. You can teach Copywriting 101 till Britney Spears quits snorting coke…. but you can’t teach “heart and soul”. You have it..or you don’t. Rachel, has it.

    Any girl who can fight off a pack of outlaw banditos in some Hostel, grab Hugh Hefner’s ass, and still find time to look like a million dollars while crashing her car and writing kick ass copy at the same time— is someone “you’se people” better watch out for!

    That’s one bad bitch!!! lol.

    And I’m not selling woof tickets here. Vinnie here is going to spend a shit load of money with this girl…because she’s going to write my next pitch. And it will be the last one I do. Cuz it’s gonna sell enough copies that this boy is gonna hit the road on a vacation that never ends.

    After that, you can find me at the dice table at The Mirage Casino in Vegas. And if I’m not there, I’ll be the guy sitting on the beach drinking frozen Margaritas for breakfast with some hot porn chick I have on retainer…while “you’se people” worry about why PayPal froze your account.

    Rachel Rofe. Hire her ass now before you can’t afford her. True.

    Vegas Vince
    aka Matt Christensen
    President Of The Rachel Rofe Fan Club with tax exempt status, baby!

  2. But on the other hand, one of my favorite lines from T. Harv Eker is that you can be happy and hokey… or cool and miserable. So maybe I’ll stop being a nerd and put more faith in LOA. :)

  3. haha… I really do think that there’s a bit of merit to it (obviously, since I purchased your awesome PLR pack! :))… for some reason, I always feel a little hokey saying it though!

  4. :D

    Thank you…. I loved reading about your excitement when you got those testimonials! Doesn’t it feel awesome!?

    Haha, I meant to comment on your blog by the way…. I caused a car crash once too a few years ago! The dude thought it’d be a good idea to stare and drive at the same time. It was in very slow traffic, so I’m thinking he didn’t do any damage. I didn’t stay though – it didn’t even occur to me that I should have until I left.

    Dude. Two female car crashing copywriters. Love it!

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