Giving my sister the money :)

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Thank you SO MUCH for everyone who participated in the baby shower sale for my sister.

She was so happy to get all that money, and called it a “huge stress reliever”.

She isn’t an overly emotional person, but you can see how surprised she was on the (not so stellar quality – my apologies on that!) video below:

Since then, her whole demeanor has changed. She went from texting me that “her life is over” to being far more relaxed, happy, and able to breathe.

Her stress levels also impact the unborn baby, so you’ve helped there too.

You’ve also inspired a baby-shower full of people, my family, and now hopefully some people who see this… so your efforts are far reaching.

Thank you again – very, very much. :)

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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  1. Rachel,

    I am so proud of you and you list of subscribers. Making it happen for other people is what you are all about and your list continues to support your efforts to pay success forward. Okay everyone, take a deep breath, lift your right (or left) arm up and cross over your chest to the opposite shoulder. Extend hand back a bit and start moving up and down. Doesn’t that pat on your back feel wonderful?

    Thank you so much for making a difference in this young woman’s life.


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