Got my blood tested…what an eye opener!

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Lou Corona, the guy that I mentioned in my last post, can look at someone’s blood and tell them what areas of their body need to be worked on.

While visiting Otto in Orange County last week, I decided to take advantage and schedule blood testing with Lou.

The results were REALLY eye-opening.

First of all, this is what normal blood is supposed to look like:

It’s supposed to be nice circular round cells with fluid around them, not overlapping with other blood cells.

When I went to go get my blood tested, I thought my blood would look great. I’m part of the 1% of Americans who eat 5 fruits and veggies a day, I make healthy choices, and I do lots of cleansing.

…That was NOT the case.

Now, to be fair, there is a reason why my blood might look so bad at this particular time (I’ll get into that in a few moments). It was still very unexpected though.

Here’s what my blood looked like (keep in mind these pictures aren’t in color):

(You can see all the pictures here if you want. Some of the pictures there are listed individually or you can get the full 29 – including my “layer” pictures – by uploading the .zip. Please keep in mind I had to make these pictures smaller so they’d fit inside here, so stuff might be skewed.)

It was amazing how many pictures I was able to see. The girl who took my blood took ONE PINPRICK out of my finger but was able to find out landslides of information!

Our bodies work REALLY HARD for us.

I’ve got to say though –

Some Of These Results PISSED ME OFF!

For example – do you see the second to last picture where I have that disgusting black blob in there? That’s an indication of SMOKING… but I’ve never once smoked a cigarette in my life. I asked Theresa (the lady who did my blood) about it, and she said it could also be from smoking other things, or from second hand smoke.

Considering I’ve tried smoking weed like 3x in my life and hated it every time, I can safely reason that the big blob is from SECOND HAND SMOKE.

That kind of makes me mad! I don’t like how other people can influence MY body so much… but at least now I’m empowered with the information to do something about it.

Since the last time I was around second-hand smoke was years ago, this leads me to another point, too.

It’s INSANE How Much Our Body Remembers.

Theresa (the lady who took my blood) did a cleanse when she turned 50. The results she found were SHOCKING.

At one point 6 weeks or so into her cleanse, she saw tons of nicotine crystals in her blood. She had no idea why they were there so she called her mentor. She said, “I know these look like nicotine crystals, and I know you’ve told me these are nicotine crystals… but am I going crazy? Are these REALLY nicotine crystals!?”

When her mentor said yes, she was stunned. The crystals were from when she last smoked 23 YEARS AGO.

23 YEARS AGO!!!!

Our body holds on to so much stuff it’s insane. When we keep pummeling it with food, it has no choice but to “hide” the stuff it doesn’t have time to work on in order to keep up with the workflow of the new stuff.

When Theresa took the time out to cleanse, old stuff was able to get worked on. She eventually got it all cleared out, and it proved to be a very fascinating process.

For me, I think the reason my blood looks so awful at this particular moment is because I just did a 7 day cleanse. Lots of stuff had time to come out and get fixed.

This really makes me think, though… WOW. I still have MORE to cleanse. And it makes me wonder what other people’s blood is looking like… and what happens if they don’t do anything about it!

This Is Information People NEED To Know!

I mentioned to Theresa that if I learned THIS kind of stuff in science class, I’d have been a lot more interested.

This is CRUCIAL stuff. It affects how long we live, to diseases we get (do you know how easy it is to cure things like arthritis???), our energy levels… and on and on and on.

Theresa told me that one time a soccer coach had entire team get tested with her. The 14 and 15 year old girls, as well as some of their parents, were stunned at the results. Girls who were eating Skittles and Oreos for breakfast looked at their blood and were flabbergasted at the results — and the fact that their parent’s blood looked better than theirs. A lot of them made a lot of changes… QUICKLY.

I am willing to bet most people would be willing to eat healthier if they knew EXACTLY how it was affecting them.

Another interesting thing is,

One Look At Your Blood Can Tell You What Parts Of Your Body Need To Be Worked On!

The pictures I showed you were pictures of “live” blood. Theresa also took a picture of my “dead” blood so she could see what areas in my body needed to be worked on.

Because blood can change quickly in the short term, practitioners go back several layers to get a long-term view of what’s going on.

From looking at 8 prinpricks in my skin (remember, this is different from the first part), she was able to tell me:

– I need more green vegetables (I already have a ton, but I JUICE them. She told me I needed the fiber from them.)

– That my liver and gallbladder needed to be flushed out (Incidentally I passed about 50 gallstones that week!!!… without doing any kind of flush).

– That I should have some kind of “defect” somewhere around my chest or ribs. I actually DO have a weird looking bump on my back in that location.

In general from looking at my blood, I learned:

– I am enzyme deficient (so now I am taking multi-digestive enzymes with every meal)

– I am not properly digesting carbs (she gave me a 4 out of 10 on digestion there), and fats and proteins get a “6” (taking proper supplementation to fix that now too)

– I have yeast in my blood (do you know almost every American has candida?)

– Glucose is fermented in my blood

– I need to breathe better

It’s also interesting that our EMOTIONS can severely impact our blood.

Lou told me that when we feel an angry word, every single cell in our body adjusts to that feeling. Say enough negative and bad-feeling words, and your blood gets REALLY ugly.

Theresa was able to tell me how much stress I had in my life just by looking at my blood. It was quite fascinating.

Like I said, I think a lot of my blood looked this bad because my cleanse had “opened” some stuff up. That being said though, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that I’m going to stop cleansing any time soon. I want beautiful, clean blood effective IMMEDIATELY!

I respect my body too much to NOT give it that.

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0 thoughts on “Got my blood tested…what an eye opener!”

  1. This girl is obviously retarded! I read half of this article and all that is coming from her mouth is vomit! Shut the fuck up and get a life, lady. This shit is not that "AMAZING!" You're just easily amused. As I said, this lady should get a life. Thanks

    1. I'd like to sincerely apologize for my negativity, but that's how I felt reading this. And when I say get a life, what I'm meaning is, quit being so obsessive about your health. Live a little! Even if it is "killing" you. And if this is living to you, more power to ya, I suppose.

  2. Hey Rachel!

    I just found this by accident – very interesting! The images aren’t showing anymore… guessing this is a really old post and stuff gets broken, but wow. The smoking thing freaked me out a little – I just went to Vegas and there isn’t anywhere you can get fresh air, so I guess I am ruined for life :( Gonna have to google some more and find out how to fix up all of that yuck. Take care – and thanks for sharing!

    – Cindy

  3. Rachel,
    I tried to Google the terms you mentioned but I am only getting regular labs or far away sites for live blood testing. Any other suggestions?

  4. Hi Rachel,

    I know this is an older post but just saw it and wanted to mention 2 things to you.

    One way to get more leafy green veggies in your diet:
    Green smoothies. Lots of info just typing that in in Google. The idea is you blend a handful of dark green leafy veggie like spinach/kale/dandelion leaves/etc (preferably organic) with whatever amount of fruit you need to be able to stomach drinking it (you might need less as you already juice).
    Victoria Boutenko –, the lady who I believe started the movement, did so studying Chimpanzees’ diets and realizing that they eat mostly dark leafy veggies, but chew all day, whereas we chew really quickly and therefore don’t break down the fibers enough to get all the vitamins and minerals out. That’s where the blended comes in. You need to drink 2 of those a day and rotate the veggie at least once every couple of months so your body doesn’t build up a resistance to that specific veggie.

    A way I just discovered to make your digestion more regular: Kefir – It’s a bacteria/yeast that you can buy online (buy the live kind, not the dried stuff). You put it into milk (all different kinds including non-cow’s), wait about 24 hours, and it ferments to create a somewhat acidy but pleasant yogurt of sorts that does wonders for your digestive system. I’ve had iffy digestion for years and just started eating this stuff a few months ago. I swear it started working on day 1 or 2. It’s like the probiotic stuff you see on ads for yogurt, except on steroids.

    I’m going to look into this blood sampling stuff, looks really interesting. Thanks!

    1. Hey Will!

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      I definitely agree – green smoothies ROCK for getting in greens and I have slowly but surely getting more into them. :)

      VERY cool on Kefir!! I have been eating probiotics from Natural Choice Products but will definitely look into that :)

      If you’re interested in the blood sampling, Lou will work with you so that he can do your assessment if you want. You can contact him at :)

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  5. That was really shocking! I haven’t ever done any cleanse and I may be having too many of those black spots. I think I have to do something about this.

    I hope you get rid of those black spots soon.

    1. I was pretty surprised too! Again, I think it might be because I just got done with a cleanse, but I would definitely recommend you checking your blood at. Theresa told me my blood was “average” – how crazy is that?!

  6. Joshua Gribschaw-Beck

    I’ve heard it takes 7 years of new habits to change out the cells in your body entirely which would likely give reason as to why your body is still in need even if you have been juicing on and off the last year.

  7. Thanks Rach,

    I think I’ll go get my blood tested next time I am in LA. Can you send me the contact details of the lady you went to see please?

    Awesome post.

    1. :) Thanks Bruce!

      I got my blood tested with Theresa Sharp at sharphealth at

      Lou Corona (you may have seen him speak at Au Lac) is the one who helped me interpret the results and then recommended a supplementation program for me.

      He’s great to work with because he’ll keep answering as many questions as you have. Signing up with him means Theresa is included too.

      His phone number is 1-800-240-6077 and he’s always REALLY busy so let him know in your message the best time to contact you. :)

      1. Hi Rachel,

        Does Lou have a website of what he does for people ?

        I live in Florida and would love to find someone on this side of the country to get it done. Although, I do come to Vegas & LA a lot and might be able to schedule a trip from Vegas to LA to get it done.

        Just curious if you knew of any services like that here??


  8. Rachel, that is fascinating– thanks for sharing your results! I completely agree with the idea that stress/energy can affect your physical body, people don’t realize how much we are influenced by those things.

    Have you seen any of the studies that have been done with emotions and water crystals? It reminds me of the way the blood cell walls are formed based on emotions, I’m sure they are inter-related because our bodies are made up of so much water. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube that show how different emotions change the formation of water crystals. Check it out:

    I’m interested to see what my blood is like, I’m going to see if I can find someone here in my area that does the testing.

    Becki :)

    1. Hey Becki!

      It is so fascinating how out of touch it seems like mankind became, you know? I asked my boyfriend why he thinks it happened and he said, “Shoes”

      (As in, we’re no longer one with earth.)

      I’ve read about the Emoto water studies and find them FASCINATING! Whenever I get those plastic containers of water, I take lots of colored markers and draw happy things on them so that my water will be happy too ;)… and do Reiki on them.

      I know it might sound crazy but I swear on everything I own that I do taste a difference when I’m drinking my “happy” water!

      Let me know how your blood test results go! And also – are you going to be at E1KAD?

      1. That’s a great point, many people really are out of touch with the earth… I think part of it is how most of the population no longer has to grow/gather their own food. The fact that the majority of the “food” nowadays consists of chemicals in a box causes many people to not understand how their body is designed to work and how much REAL food can help (and even HEAL!) them.

        And I love your idea about the water! :)

        Yes, I’ll be at E1KAD, I’m so excited to meet you in person! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and I think we are a lot alike– we’ll have to plan dinner or something. :)

        1. Wooohooo! I’ve thought we were similar too and would love to grab dinner or lunch with you! I’m glad you’re going to be at E1KAD :)

          I am reading a book right now you might be really interested in. It’s called Exuberant Animal: The Power Of Health, Play, And Joyful Movement” by Frank Forencich.

          It talks a lot about what you mentioned – why humans are so out of touch, what we used to be like, what our bodies really want…

          There’s actually a TON of fascinating stuff in it. :)

      2. Sounds great, I’ll see you in Vegas!

        Thanks for the book suggestion, I’m always looking for something good to read– I’ll check it out. :)

  9. Wow! That is both scary and enlightening.

    You seem to have a far healthier lifestyle than me so it deeply concerns me how the state of my health maybe.

    Do you also do colon cleanses?

    Can you recommend any good books on this?

    Thanks for all the great information you post.
    I really enjoy reading your points of view.

    1. Hey Sajid!

      I do colon cleanses and enemas SOMETIMES.

      Lou told me that I should take something called “Bowel Formula” from Natural Choice Products and try to get stuff eliminating at a normal pace before doing any more of that, though. This way the body becomes regular and anything extra is only an added bonus, not something that can actually be harmful.

      I know that there are multiple schools of thoughts on that, though.

      What books are you looking for? Books on colon cleansing, or…? I’m happy to recommend anything I know – just want to be clear. :)

      Thank YOU so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it!

  10. Wow, Rachel! Thanks so much for sharing this. How interesting. The last thing I learned from my blood was that I had type 2 diabetes when my fasting reading was 354 last year (normal is anywhere from 70-100). Now it’s under control and my A1c was only 5.8, which is comparable to someone without diabetes, so I’m proud of the hard work I’m doing to stay healthy despite the disease. If I ever have a chance to have a similar test done, I’d jump at it!

    1. Wow! Congratulations on getting your diabetes under control!! Good for you! :)

      It was my pleasure on sharing the results. I bet you could easily find someone to read your blood. If you Google something like “naturopath blood test + YOUR AREA” or even “blood test + YOUR AREA”, you could find something. :)

      You could also have someone test your blood and let them know exactly what you’re looking for (two pinpricks of live blood – the second for duplication), and then another set of 8 each of dead blood.

      I have all the info here on how to read the blood, so if your person can’t do it, I can help. :)

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