Grab these done-for-you Mother’s and Father’s Day social media graphics (+ content ideas)

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Mother’s and Father’s Day are the next biggest gift-giving holidays coming up, with Mother’s Day falling on May 13th and Father’s Day happening on June 17th.

Research shows that people spend over $21 billion dollars on Mother’s Day and more than $15 billion dollars on Father’s Day. And of that money spent, 28% of Mother’s Day and close to 38% of Father’s Day purchases are made online, which means there’s ample opportunity to give your ecommerce profits a boost by running Mother’s Day and Father’s Day promotions.

And one of the best and easiest ways to do that is through social media.

Creating social media content is time-consuming, though — especially since you need visual content for maximum engagement.

That’s why I had a bunch of promotional Mother’s and Father’s Day info made for you.

Below you’ll find:

– A gorgeous series of promotional graphics for you to post on social media (each graphic comes with 4 versions — one for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)

– Relevant hash tags you can use on the social media sites

– 30 days’ worth of content suggestions

Let’s start by taking a peek at some of the promotional graphics my super-talented designer made…

Promotional Mother’s and Father’s Day Graphics You Can Download:

Each design comes in 4 formats, and you can see 9 of the designs below:

To get your hands on all of the designs, head over the Dropbox and download them here.

Here’s a List of Popular Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Hashtags:

Mother’s Day

  • #MothersDay
  • #MothersDay2018
  • #ThanksMom
  • #ILoveMyMom
  • #MothersDayGifts
  • #Mother
  • #Mom
  • #MothersDayWeekend
  • #MomsDay
  • #Motherhood
  • #MomLife
  • #OnlyMomCan
  • #500kMomStories
  • #ThingsMyMomSays
  • #SuperMom
  • #MotherLove
  • #MomGoals

Father’s Day

  • #FathersDay
  • #FathersDay2018
  • #ThanksDad
  • #ILoveMyDad
  • #FathersDayGifts
  • #Father
  • #Dad
  • #DadsDay
  • #Fatherhood
  • #DadLife
  • #SuperDaddy
  • #BestDaddy
  • #MyDad
  • #MyFather
  • #BestDadAward
  • #MyDadMyHero
  • #MyDadStrongest

30 Days of Social Media Post Ideas to Use with Your Graphics

Day 1: Ask a question

For example…

If money were no object and you could give your mom/dad anything in the world, what would you give her/him? [hashtag]

Day 2: Encourage people to share themed photos

For example…

Let’s see your favorite photo of you with your mom/dad. Get in touch and share it with us using hashtag #[e.g. MotherLove/FatherLove]

Day 3: Create a Pinterest “Wish List” board

For example…

We created a Pinterist Wish List board: [link]. Come take a peek and pin any gifts you think your mom/dad would love this Mother’s/Father’s Day [hashtag]

Day 4: Make a “Caption This” post

For example…

This photo is so sweet! Come up with your best caption for the photo and share it with us! We’ll post our favorites at the end of the week [attach a poignant photo that relates to Mother’s/Father’s Day] [hashtag] 

Day 5: Share a relevant blog post

For example…

This is a fantastic article about [e.g. 10 Ways to surprise Mom/Dad on Mother’s/Father’s Day]. You can check it out here: [link] [hashtag]

Day 6: Share a testimonial

For example…

We always aim to please! Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say about our products: [testimonial text or a screenshot of the testimonial if the text is too long] [hashtag]

Day 7: Share the answer to a question you’re commonly asked

For example…

We’re often asked [e.g. about how long our products take to arrive]. Here’s our response: [e.g. our products typically ship within 3-5 business days so if you order by {date}, your order will arrive in time for Mother’s/Father’s day]

Day 8: Share a link to one of your blog posts

For example…

We recently published this blog post about [something that relates to Mother’s/Father’s Day or mothers/fathers]. Check it out here: [link] [hashtag]

Day 9: Give away a coupon code to the first X number of people who respond to your social media post

For example…

The first [e.g. 50] people who respond to this post will receive a special Mother’s/Father’s Day coupon code for [e.g. 40% off] their next order [hashtag]

Day 10: Post a fill-in-the-blank

For example…

My mom/dad is the best because ___________. Fill in the blank with your response! [hashtag]

Day 11: Share something you feel grateful for

For example…

We’re grateful for all the amazing women/men in our lives, especially our moms/dads. What do you feel most grateful for? [hashtag]

Day 12: Highlight a customer of the month

For example…

Today, we’re giving a special shout-out to [customer’s name or social media handle]. You rock! And we really appreciate your business! Have a wonderful Mother’s/Father’s Day weekend

Day 13: Pose a multiple-choice question

For example…

Which Mother’s/Father’s Day design do you like best? [e.g. attach a photo including 3-4 different design ideas] A. [design 1] B. [design 2] C. [design 3] or D. [design 4] [hashtag]

Day 14: Share a relevant podcast

For example…

If you want to listen to a great podcast about [e.g. the role of mothers/fathers around the world] check out [pocast name and link] [hashtag]

Day 15: Give away a free gift

For example…

For 48 hours only, we’re giving away free [e.g. stickers, digital art, etc.]. Get in touch and claim yours now: [claim code or link] [hashtag]

Day 16: Run a time-sensitive free-shipping offer

For example…

All orders placed within the next 24 hours [time zone] get free shipping! Act now and make sure your orders arrive in time for Mother’s/Father’s Day [hashtag]

Day 17: Offer a gift guide

For example…

We took the liberty of creating this thoughtful gift guide, presenting a range of gifts your mom/dad is sure to love [hashtag]

Day 18: Share an attention-grabbing statistic

For example…

Did you know that [e.g. Anna Jarvia organized the very first Mother’s Day celebrations in Grafton, WV and Philadelphia, PA in 1908 or Father’s Day spending reached a record high $15.5 billion last year]? [hashtag]

Day 19: Share a helpful infographic

For example…

This infographic about [e.g. Mother’s/Father’s Day spending] is really interesting. We love the part about [specific infographic fact]. What do you think? [hashtag]

Day 20: Post an inspirational quote

For example…

“God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.” – Jewish Proverb We love this quote! Show your mom how much you care this Mother’s Day with something special: [link to your store]


“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.” – Anne Geddes We love this quote! Show your dad how much you appreciate him with an extra special Father’s Day gift: [link to you store]

Day 21: Post a funny quote

For example…

“I used to have functioning brain cells, but I traded them in for children.” If there’s a woman in your life — including yourself — who can relate to this quote, treat her to something extra special this Mother’s Day: [link to your store]


“‘Don’t tell Mom,’ is the best advice you ever gave me.” Does this sound like something your dad would say? This Father’s Day, show your dad how much you appreciate all of his words of wisdom: [link to your store]

Day 22: Host a contest

For example…

In honor of Mother’s/Father’s Day, we’re running a [contest type — e.g. photo or caption-this] contest. The winner gets a free [prize — e.g. Mother’s/Father’s Day mug]. To learn more details, go here: [contest link]

Day 23: Post a helpful tip

For example…

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect Mother’s/Father’s Day gift, here are some pointers: [tips — e.g. don’t wait until the last minute, think about what your mom’s/dad’s favorite hobbies are, etc.] [hashtag]

Day 24: Company or brand announcement

For example…

In honor of Mother’s/Father’s Day, we created a special line of [e.g. mugs] inspired by our love for our moms/dads. You can check it out here: [link] [hashtag]

Day 25: Create a list

For example…

We created a list of our favorite [e.g. gift ideas for Mother’s/Father’s day, interesting facts about Mother’s/Father’s Day, etc.]. Take a look here: [link] [hashtag]

Day 26: Conduct an interview

For example…

We talked to [e.g. 10 moms/dads] and asked them what their ideal Mother’s/Father’s Day would entail. Here’s what they had to say: [link] [hashtag]

Day 27: Come up with a product round-up

For example…

Shopping for Mother’s/Father’s Day can be tough. To help with this, we rounded up the best Mother’s/Father’s Day gifts that we could find and compiled them into one convenient place: [link — include some of your own products in addition to other brands’]

Day 28: Share a meme

For example…

We just came across this Mother’s/Father’s Day meme and it really made us [e.g. smile, laugh, cry, etc.] so we wanted to share it with you: [link] [hashtag]

Day 29: Poll your followers

For example…

Since Mother’s/Father’s Day are two really big gift-giving holidays, we wanted to find out more about our audience’s spending/shopping habits so we created this poll: [link] [hashtag]

Day 30: Host an “Ask-Us-Anything” event

For example…

For [e.g. 3 hours] starting on [e.g. Thursday the 8th at 9:00am PST] we’ll be online answering all your questions about our business, especially those related to our Mother’s Day/Father’s Day product line. Come pick our brains!

I hope you find these Mother’s and Father’s Day graphics useful! Please let me a comment below and let me know what you think!

Grab these done-for-you Mother's and Father's Day social media graphics.

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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