Great video: “Simple On-Demand Selling That Works In 2017”

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Rachel RofeI hope your day is going great! I’m actually writing to you from an airplane today because I’m enroute to Chicago for some training. Fun times! :)

The picture to the left is from yesterday morning. Don and I both missed my nephew a ton so on Thursday I texted my sister to see what her plans were for the weekend. Luckily she didn’t have much planned so we flew her and my nephew out from FridayTuesday.

As always, we had a great time. Some highlights: we visited the toy store a couple times (I was unprepared with new toys due to the spontaneous trip), went to a Medieval Times-esque dinner, and my sister and I went to an escape room on Sunday night.

Don and I were both so sad when they left. We get so attached to my nephew!

And speaking of Don, I’ve been wanting to share a presentation of his with you. I was going to share it last week but knew some of you were excited to hear about the Instagram results so I waited. ;)

The presentation is called “Simple On-Demand Selling That Works In 2017” and is available 100% free on Facebook. Obviously I’m biased, hehe, but I think the presentation was really useful (and so did other people in the thread).

In it you’ll see a case study that Don went over explaining how he sold 7k units of a color changing mug. You’ll also learn:

  • Why you need to make your selling model as simple as possible
  • The top on-demand niches based on more than $35 million in data
  • What sells best on mugs and necklaces
  • His favorite advertising strategy – it’s “dirt simple” to steal one of his catch phrases ;)

This is very step-by-step and is 100% free, no opt-in, all available on Facebook. Check it out here:

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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