Guess which wedding dress I’m going to get? :)

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I finally decided on my wedding dress!

For a few days I was completely stuck between 2 of them. One dress was a dress I always envisioned, and the other was one the saleswoman had me try on just to do something “new”.

I felt completely different (but amazing) in the two dresses – one left me feeling soft, like a princess… and I felt elegant and regal in the other.

I woke up the day after I tried them with one dress in mind, but then it seemed that my family was in favor of the other dress.

I went back to the store, tried them both on, got 4 opinions there… got opinions from my family, friends, a message board that I post on…

And I finally decided.

And I am SO EXCITED!!! I love love love the dress!!!

I’m going to post 5 dresses here to throw you off ;), but whoever guesses the right dress will win something special. You get one guess each!

Dress 1:

Dress 2:

Dress 3:

Dress 4:

Dress 5:

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0 thoughts on “Guess which wedding dress I’m going to get? :)”

  1. I like the number 3. It is way different from the normal traditional dresses and I understand it is fashionable now as well.
    I need Ruthie to look at the dresses as well. Ruthie is now sleeping it is only 7:30 am. I am in the lobby of the hotel. There is only one couple from Russia; I went over to ask the lady what her choice is? She said number 3 as well, which reinforce my choice. I will show Ruthie in a little while and let you know. I am very very very much exited for you. You should find a way to share everything from the wedding, pictures of the place, the guests and all.
    Love you.


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