Hashtags, templates, and coupon codes for Cinco de Mayo promos

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The holiday posts continue to be a big hit (thanks again for all of your awesome feedback!). So I decided to make another one for Cinco de Mayo, which is coming up in a little over three weeks.

Cinco de Mayo isn’t traditionally thought of as a gift-giving holiday. But it’s still a highly celebrated day and people love taking part in the festivities by going out, listening to mariachi, enjoying delicious Mexican cuisine, and drinking margaritas and cerveza.

Cinco de Mayo also presents a lot of really fun design opportunities for shot glasses, mugs, water bottles, and more—perfect for anyone hosting a Cinco de Mayo party or someone who just wants to get into the spirit of the day.

Here is some design inspiration I found using Google images:

cinco de mayo

You don’t have to create new designs to give your offers a boost, though. Just use the coupon codes, hashtags, and social media templates below to drum up additional sales around the holiday.

Cinco de Mayo Coupon Codes

Use this list of Cinco de Mayo coupon codes to run special promotions for your most relevant offers:











Here are some instructional articles about how to make coupon codes for Amazon, Etsy, and eBay if you’re a member of the Low Hanging System and are interested in creating coupon codes on ecommerce websites.

You can also make your coupon codes available to an even wider customer base by submitting them to the website RetailMeNot.com.

Cinco de Mayo Hashtags

Increase the reach of your promotional content by adding the following Cinco de Mayo hashtags to your social media posts:











Cinco de Mayo Social Media Templates

So you don’t have to spend too much time coming up with social media posts to promote your offers, use the following three templates and examples:

Template 1: Happy #CincoDeMayo! Get the #fiesta started with this _____: [link]. Use promo code _____ to get _____% off

Example 1: Happy #CincoDeMayo! Get the #fiesta started with this festive shot glass: http://bit.ly/2lchnOu. Use promo code MEXICO to get 20% off

Template 2: It’s #FiestaTime! Get in the #CincoDeMayo spirit with this fun _____: [link]. Save _____ with promo code _____ #EstasLoco

Example 2: It’s #FiestaTime! Get in the #CincoDeMayo spirit with this fun mug: http://bit.ly/2lchnOu. Save 10% with promo code AMIGOS #EstasLoco

Template 3: #CincoDeMayo2017 is on its way! Celebrate with this _____: [link]. Promo code _____ saves you _____%! #VivaMexico

Example 3: #CincoDeMayo2017 is on its way! Celebrate with this shot glass: http://bit.ly/2lchnOu. Promo code PUEBLA saves you 15%! #VivaMexico

I hope you found this post useful. Keep leaving comments so I know what kinds of content you enjoy most and want more of! :-)

Cinco de Mayo promos

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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