Hashtags, templates, and coupon codes for Mother’s Day promos

Literally billions of dollars are spent each year on Mother’s Day, with the average consumer spending over $100 on gifts. And people love shopping for presents (and good deals) online.

Mother’s Day 2017 is fast approaching (May 14), but there’s still time to come up with new design ideas specifically aimed at mothers, grandmothers, wives, stepmothers, and even moms to pets (dog and cat moms especially).

Designs can be simple…



…Sweet and sentimental…

…Or personalized…

Or, you don’t have to make any new designs at all. Instead, you can use the advertising tools below to promote your already existing products as potential Mother’s Day gifts, no matter WHAT your business model.

Mother’s Day Coupon Codes

Everybody likes a discount. So make your Mother’s Day promotions even more attractive by offering holiday-inspired coupon codes like the ones below.











If you’re a member of the Low Hanging System and would like to  create coupon codes on ecommerce sites, here are a few instructional articles about how to make coupon codes for Amazon, Etsy, and eBay

You can also submit your coupon codes to RetailMeNot.com, making them available to an even wider customer base.

Mother’s Day Hashtags

Targeted hashtags put your social media content in front of the most relevant audiences—in this case, people who are actively looking for Mother’s Day gifts. So include the hashtags below along with your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts and help drive more traffic to your store.











Mother’s Day Social Media Templates

Here are three social media templates and examples that you can just fill in the blanks and then copy and paste into your own social media profiles.

TIP: Social media content is more effective when it evokes an emotional response. And this is especially true of content posted around more sentimental holidays like Mother’s Day.

Template 1: Happy #MothersDay, beautiful #moms and grandmas! Celebrate in style with this _____: [link]. Save _____ with promo code _____

Example 1: Happy #MothersDay, beautiful #moms & grandmas! Celebrate in style with this mug: http://bit.ly/2lchnOu. Save 10% with promo code LOVE4MOM

Template 2: #MothersDay2017 is almost here! Make your mom smile with this _____: [link]. Use promo code _____ to get _____% off #mama

Example 2: #MothersDay2017 is almost here! Make your mom smile with this tank top: http://bit.ly/2lchnOu. Use promo code MOMLOVE to get 20% off #mama

Template 3: Make your #mom feel like a queen with this one-of-a-kind _____: [link]. Promo code _____ saves you _____%! #MomLife

Example 3: Make your #mom feel like a queen with this one-of-a-kind t-shirt: http://bit.ly/2lchnOu. Promo code BESTMOM saves you 15%! #MomLife

I hope you find this post useful. And please keep leaving me feedback in the comments section below. I value your input!

Mother's Day promos

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