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I’m writing from Memphis, TN. My trip is almost over! :(

I could so do this for a few more months… but I have to be home by October 6 to meet with a partner for one of my membership sites. We’re going to a trade show to scoop up lots of leads.

Annnnyway, here’s what’s been happening:


Vegas was a great time! As I said, Jaime Mintun and Max came. They got along very well and we had a blast.

Not too many things to mention… just a few quick things (and not in order of importance)…

* I almost got married to Max (just as a random thing to do on my 25th birthday), but I found out that the annulment cost $800+. Rubbish!

* On the night of my birthday, a restaurant gave Jaime, Max, and I free wine and coconut cake in celebration. That was pretty awesome. :)

* Jaime and I have decided (for sure) that we’re traveling Europe. Soon. We’re going to go live in random cities and really just immerse ourselves in the culture of each place that we stay at. It’s going to be a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I can’t wait!


After Vegas, Max and I drove over to the Grand Canyon. It was BREATHTAKING. I’m so glad that we ended up going.

(I also saw my first coyote there!!)


From the Grand Canyon, we drove over to Amarillo, TX. The people in Texas were SO FRIENDLY!


Random note…

I find it absolutely hysterical that every time Max tells someone he’s from England, they immediately say, “Oh… from London?”

If they don’t ask that (or even if they do), they’ll ask him if he knows the Prince or the Queen.

And another random note… did you know that only 1 in every 5 Americans has a passport? Isn’t that crazy?


From Texas, we drove over to Little Rock for a night, and then Memphis.

I had been to Memphis once before, but it was on a weekday. We went to Beale Street last night, and it was SO COOL!

(Before we even got there, we asked some guy for directions, and he ended up just driving us the 1.5 miles or so to get there. I think it’s because everyone trusts Max because he has an English accent.)

Before entering Beale Street, you had to be carded. When we got in, there were hundreds and hundreds of people just dancing in the street with alcohol in their hand. There were fireworks going off… and the vibe was just incredible.

We had a really good time!


We’re going to go to Elvis’s house today, and then drive towards Washington D.C.


In other news, the weight loss site’s going amazing. Random things keep happening that are going to make it better and better (I just got an email from a HUGE guru that worked with one of my friends and they made $40k from an hour teleseminar…. he wants to promote my weight loss site!).

Brian and I are also working with J.D. Swanson to promote Mafioso Marketing, which has been working out incredibly as well. More on that later. :)

…Off to go get my first oil change of the trip!

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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