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how you can automate
rachel and don sunglassesI hope you’re doing great! :)

The picture to the left is from last Friday when Don and I stopped at a random store on Venice Beach Boardwalk to try on goofy sunglasses. :) We flew back to L.A. last week for more nice weather and to enjoy the west coast before holiday season strikes and I’m potentially living at the warehouse again.

I think all the flying (and some warehouse stress) took a toll on me because I ended up getting a little sick over the weekend. Luckily Don took great care of me though and I got to enjoy some relaxing down-time.

If you picked up Will’s offer last week, I mailed out the first checklist on Monday and the next will be coming soon. I hope you’re loving it.

Today I thought I’d send a meaty blog post I wrote about how you can automate getting lots of traffic (and sales) from an underrated traffic source.

This isn’t meant to derail you from anything else you’re doing. Actually, the way I approach this source – Twitter – is via making it an AUTOMATED asset that becomes a bonus to whatever else you’re already doing.

You can use it to get tons of traffic – and sales – to whatever it is that you sell – ecommerce, coaching, info products, books, etc.

The blog post goes over:

– How to gain a consistent stream of new and targeted followers

– How to automate posting so you’re constantly churning out shareable content without spending tons of time each day

– How to let people know what they can purchase from you, including how to schedule coupon codes and product sales

This isn’t meant to be promotional. I mention some tools I use but you can also do things manually and/or modify to use with whatever you’re already using.

The intention is to give you great, actionable tips that you can use right away. I poured some of my best tips into this 2,700+ word article.

Read it right here:

automate tons of sales

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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