Here’s where you can find awesome royalty-free images for commercial use

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I hope you’re doing great! I’ve had a busy couple of weeks – I just got back from a fantastic weekend trip to San Diego and a very restorative week in Kauai, Hawaii with a good friend.

I’ll be in Pennsylvania for about 9 more days before Don and I head to California again to escape the humidity and visit some friends. Of course I’m going to hang out with my nephew as much as humanly possible in the meantime. :)

Today I thought I’d send you some websites I get a ton of value from. They all have royalty-free, commercial use allowed, great-looking images that you can download for free.

Of course you can use images many ways – here are some of my favorite uses:

First, you can pop them on items you sell on UseGearBubble. For example, I grabbed a penguin image from one site and popped it on this mug:

royalty-free stock photos good for commercial use

It’s ugly, but it DOES sell – though I recommend letting it sell passively and not running paid ads to something like this. :)

You can also combine images to make more intricate designs. For example we’ve sold 100+ units of this mug, which is the combination of 2 stock photos:


Where to find Royalty-free stock photos

You can use these sites to f
ind mockups for your sales material. For example, I found a t-shirt mockup on a stock photo site, then put another royalty-free photo on top of it:

find royalty-free images for products


These photos can also be used for blog posts/books/any training material or to create engaging pictures for your social media posts/ads. Posts with images always do better.

There are lots of photo sites but I like these particular ones because they have easily searchable databases, tons of options, high-quality pictures and there’s no signup required:

  • – There are sponsored pictures at the top here but the majority are totally free.
  • – This one has stunning pictures that look great in blog posts.
  • – This site was recently brought to my attention as an alternative to, which is down for maintenance. Full disclosure – I haven’t personally used ClipSafari, but it features over 100K images, similar to those featured on Open Clip Art, and the images are all free to use for any purpose, including commercial.

To be clear, I don’t get financial benefit from sharing any of those – just thought it might help.

Have a great day!

Here's where you can find awesome royalty-free images for free

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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