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So I’m finally home…

And I miss California!

On the bright side, though…. being home has helped me catch up on a LOT of my projects.

And it was nice to see my family and some friends… (I’m going to see the rest on the 13th for some kind of surprise. Hmmm… I’m excited!)

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been trying my best to get out and do my work at a Starbucks or Barnes & Noble or something… just to avoid getting into my workaholic “sit-at-my-computer” mode.

It’s been pretty fun, actually. I get to eavesdrop in all sorts of conversations.

I watched two people on their first date the other day (they met online)… I heard a high powered attorney confide in someone about how he wants to divorce his wife… watched a father playing “I Spy” with his daughter…

I’m so freaking nosy. :)

In other news….


After receiving repeated emails about Jermaine Griggs’ Nitty Gritty Marketing launch, I finally decided to look inside.

(I had been ignoring all emails so that I could focus on work).

I probably should have looked sooner… because Brian went to Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets event and raved and raved about Jermaine Griggs, and said that he was the only speaker to get a standing ovation.

Anyway… I went inside, and it looks really awesome. There’s a lot of value inside… and anyone who signs up as an affiliate now not only gets $50 commissions to the people that they refer… but they also get $17/month every time an affiliate that they referred makes a sale! How ridiculous is that!?

If you’re interested… sign up here.


If you have an IM list of over 50,000, please get in contact with me at rachelrofe at gmail.com. Brian and I have a huge launch coming up on October 16 (under a partner’s name)… and we’re offering free sales letters to anybody who will mail out for us. We have some amazing testimonials that we can furnish upon request. :)

We’ll also give you access to check out the product/sales letter, of course. This is a recurring income product. We tested it out on The Warrior Forum and sold over 250 copies… from one thread.


I guess that’s it for now! Need to work on this launch!

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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