How to be creative even when you don’t have time – with Ellen Palestrant

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In today’s episode, Ellen Palestrant talks about how you can inject more creativity into your life.

We go over:

– A simple exercise that helps you discover what you’d enjoy creating (this is great if you feel stuck or uncreative)

– What will help you capture all of your best ideas

– Fun little exercises you can do to be creative – even when you have no time at all

This is a fun, unique episode that might help you get out of a creativity rut!

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Links and Resources Mentioned:

Have You Ever Had a Hunch? The Importance of Creative Thinking – Ellen’s book

The World of Glimpse – another one of Ellen’s books

The World of Glimpse DVD – the 95-minute DVD version of Ellen’s book – Ellen’s website

Facebook – Ellen’s Facebook profile

LinkedIn – Ellen’s LinkedIn profile

Twitter – Ellen’s Twitter profile

Amazon – Ellen’s Amazon author page

Goodreads – Ellen’s Goodreads author page

Episode Transcript:

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