How to feel comfortable in your body – with Crystal Cave

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How to feel comfortable in your body - with Crystal Cave. Like this? Follow @rachelrofe for more.

Podcast Overview:

Crystal Cave is a stylist who specializes in “not so skinny style”. Whether or not you identify as “not so skinny”, most of us have some kind of body hangups, and this show helps with that.

We cover how to love your body for whatever it looks like right now, how to handle other peoples’ judgments, and style tips for both men and women. It’s a fun episode!

Crystal’s Bio

Not-so-skinny can be oh-so-stylish.

After years of styling celebrities & big brands from Taylor Swift, Mercedes Benz, and the Billboard Music Awards, I’ve discovered something surprising about great style.

Nobody has the same body.  Crazy, right?!

It’s not about being a size 2, having skeleton arms, or wearing the latest trends.  It’s all about knowing how to dress for your body type.

After years of self-study, I learned how to dress my body.  I become the in-house stylist to my college friends.  They would go shopping in my closet and become “Crystal-ified”.

Then, after getting trained in Style School and as a personal stylist, I stepped out as an industry insider.  In addition to Taylor Swift, I got to glam up Kate Upton, Usher, and Willam DaFoe for a Mercedes commercial, accessorize Debi Mazar from Entourage, get a cast member of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 red-carpet ready, and more.

Not only did I learn that great style had nothing to do with size, I also learned the insider tricks to setting up your closet for easy and effortless dressing…every day.

I realized that these insider shopping & organizing tricks could be translated to any woman’s closet.  So I branched out on my own to show women how to dress their not-so-skinny-bodies — while actually having FUN in the process.

Because, truly… Impeccable style has no size. Let me show you how.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Miss Plus USA – Where Crystal applied

Live More, Weigh Less – The class that Crystal took that helped her a lot

Kat Harris – Crystal’s photographer

Pleasurable Weight Loss – The gal who told me the story about the guy eating the McDonald’s and realizing he didn’t enjoy it

Kavita Patel – One of Crystal’s coaches

The bizarre history of women’s clothing sizes – The article Crystal mentioned

The meditation challenge with Deepak Chopra and Oprah – This includes the surrender meditation that Crystal talked about.

Crystal’s Instagram

Not So Skinny Style – Where you can find out about Crystal’s Instagram challenge

Episode Transcript

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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