How to say ‘no’ in a kind way – with Rachel Rofe

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So many people struggle with how to say ‘no’. It can be HARD! And that’s why, in today’s episode, I’m going over:

– How saying ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’ leads to living your life on someone else’s terms even if it doesn’t make sense for you

– 3 strategies for saying ‘no’ with kindness and tact depending on how well you know the person

– Why providing a reason and using the magic word ‘because’ helps everybody feel better in the face of nay saying

– Why it’s okay not getting back to people you don’t know…you don’t owe everyone a response

…and a bit more about the importance of your life, health, and time and how you can’t get those things back if you say ‘yes’ to everyone but yourself.

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Links and Resources Mentioned: – new site that’s all about helping you figure out goals that excite and motivate you and how to actually make those goals happen

GoFundMe and IndieGoGo – two crowdfunding websites

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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