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Made a quick video blog to share my experiences so far.

Hahaha… Brian and I have a blog up with lots of videos (2009mastermind.com). Someone wrote to Brian and said I need to work on presenting better, and that I try too hard to be seductive because I play with my hair too much.

That made me crack up.

First… I’m the least seductive person ever.

I just have a lot of hair. ;)

Second… I never claimed interest in becoming a polished speaker.

(Just wanted to get over fear of speaking with Toastmaster’s).

Not sure why I felt compelled to say awesome, amazing, great a zillion times, but here it is:

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “I LOVE BUENOS AIRES!!!”

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Loved the blog about BA. Yep, can ally with the Euro feel, soon as I still live here!!:)
    My dad used to live just outside Barcelona so I got to go there like a hundred times. Barca is soooo cool, what with the Cathedral, the Nou Camp, Las Ramblas, the list goes on. You’ll never have a dull moment whatever time of year, and whatever time of day or night.
    And to top it all, my dad’s place was just down the coast in Sitges, a superb place for nightlife and chilling on the beach.

    Keep up the good work and I hope 2009 makes all your wishes come true.

  2. Hi, Rachel!

    Googled your name to find more of what you do. Thanks for the help you offered at the Mastermind blog. Will follow what you do singularly. I don’t like the negativity that mushroomed over there.

    Enjoy your travels and have a safe return home.


    PS: Most Christians don’t really understand the faith, which is why there’s so much confusion. Get E.W. Kenyon’s little book/pamphlet, The Blood Covenant. It’s a really big clue.

    • Hey Jean!

      First of all, thank you for taking the time to find me!

      As far as the negativity – do you mean between Brian and I? We always kind of chide each other… he hates that I’m better than him at pretty much everything. ;)

      Just kidding – but really, it is all pretty much in good fun!

      Thanks for the book rec too. Frank Sousa sent me a book called “The Answers” that is quite fascinating as well!

      With love,

  3. and I am Polish!
    I left Poland over 4 years ago, and still miss the ‘Europe’ atmosphere!
    You are so lucky to travel and be such an independent individual!
    Absorb and share with us, Rachel!
    p.s. beautiful hair…….;-))))))))))

  4. Hahahah. That’s funny that someone wrote that. But not as silly as you calling yourself the “least seductive person ever”. Couldn’t be further from the truth! : )
    You are ‘seductive’ just being you.
    I think you will LOVE many parts of Europe. I was there last year. I LOVE ITALY!


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