I was thisclose to telling this lady where to shove it…

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I had a GREAT learning lesson today.

I had to go to Western Union earlier this afternoon. I just found out a friend had been robbed and I wanted to transfer some money to him.

When I got there, the lady running the counter didn’t know exactly what she was doing. She was flipping around her screen and asking ME what she should type in for different things that I had no idea about.

I gave her my best guesses, and it seemed to work…. but when I went to pay with my PayPal card, it came up declined.

I KNEW I had money in there, and even double checked my balance on my cell phone to make sure.

The lady told me my PayPal card was a “pay as you go” card, so it wouldn’t work.

I told her (in a VERY nice way) that the card works as a debit all the time, and asked if she could please try again.

She became very agitated and told me, “Ugh, fine”.

When she did it, it came up denied again.

At this point she became VERY hostile with me and rude. I told her I was concerned because I had no other debit card, reminded her that my friend was robbed, and told her I was just trying to think of something because he had no money. I was still VERY nice about it.

Maybe she wrote me off because she thought I didn’t have funds or something, but she was so rude. She basically told me I was out of luck, reiterated that PayPal will never work because it’s “pay as you go”, walked away from me, and was really unfriendly.

When I left, I was pretty mad. I don’t know if I’m explaining well enough how rude she was, but she was extremely nasty for no reason.

I left the building seething, thinking about how I would go to another store, have it work, and then have my assistant call Western Union and the Safeway she worked at to tell them how rude and unhelpful she was.

(I NEVER complain about people, especially since people have bad days and I’ve worked retail, but she was so mean!)

I went to Fred Meyer, another grocery store, and as I figured, the PayPal card worked fine. The cashier at Safeway did something wrong.

Something in me decided to call the first cashier and tell her what happened.

When I called her, I was very nice about it. I said, “Hey, this is Rachel. You were just helping me with my Western Union. I went to Fred Meyer and it worked. I think what happened was that the other cashier put in my friend’s middle name, just so you know for next time!”

She was VERY nice and sincerely thanked me for helping her.

What did I learn out of this?

1. After I called her, I felt like the situation was resolved. Any residue of anger I had just dissipated. It was magical.

2. I stood up for myself in a “confrontational” yet kind way, which felt nice. (Normally I’d probably do nothing and just “eat” the anger, which would never REALLY go away….)

3. I actually got to help that cashier! She seemed very grateful for me telling her what happened.

All in all, it was a great learning lesson. I’m really proud to have stood up for myself and to lift the situation to something where we both left much happier.

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0 thoughts on “I was thisclose to telling this lady where to shove it…”

  1. Hi Rachel,

    It is all so easy to act before thinking it through. By stepping back and seeing the bigger picture you not only made yourself feel less stressed you helped her to put the situation to bed too, whilst giving her some valuable learning.

    How great would the world be if we all stepped back and looked at the bigger picture!!!???

    Nice story – cheers

  2. I’ve never experienced a problem with Paypal at any regular ATM or Retail location…however, I also have had to send funds thru Western Union…If I need to use my Paypal Acct to draw cash,(which is very rare)..especially with money transfer vendors like WU…I stop at a reliable ATM…draw needed cash and bring it to the WU window…I’ve avoided the repeat hassles and aggravations of dealing with any Western Union Reps…..period…..I have empathy for your experience….and professionally respect the way you followed thru applying your sales and customer service skills the way they should be used…you’re actions bring integrity into the professional arena…thanks for setting the example…

  3. I think it happens a lot to people who work the 9-5 at a workplace. Unless the workplace is centered around friendly customer support, most 9to5ers get frustrated working there so early/late/or whatever reason. I just know I’ve been in that situation working for the man. I’m actually quite understanding because of what they need to go through. Most of the time they’re not lashing out on you, they’re just lashing out on life.

    But it’s still annoying when it happens to you =P

  4. You are a beautiful example of operating with grace! Honey, I love you…you inspire me to be a more loving and compassionate human…and to take a deeeep breath. =)

  5. Hey Rachel, you showed more self-control than I would have in that situation. I probably would have let her know what I thought of her “service”!!!

  6. It’s a nice story and shows you have a really good side to you, but whether someone has a bad day or not, there is no need for them to be rude to you.

    Fair play to you though for getting back in touch and letting them know what was wrong.


  7. It must have been so hard to when you called back up, not to say something like, “The card just worked so it WAS actually your fault you IDIOT”…

    And yet I expect nothing less from you Rofe :)

    I’m surprised she actually was nice when you rang back up even though you were (politely) rubbing it in her face. Weird situation!


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