January 2019 Brags

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This is the newest installment of my monthly brag posts, where I go over big wins from the previous month.

January was a really great month and I’m happy to celebrate it! So, in no particular order, here was some of the wins:

1. Don and I took a trip to Jamaica from December 31, 2018 through January 7. We had a wonderful New Year’s celebration and I took lots of time to enjoy life and also plan out the upcoming year.

This was a wonderful life experience and we had an extraordinary time. I felt so relaxed, refreshed, and eager for 2019 by the time the trip was over. And since we just got out of a very busy Christmas season, the timing couldn’t have been better.

2. Shortly after getting back from Jamaica I flew to Tampa for meetings with my mentor. This was our best meeting yet and I walked away with lots of great clarity and lessons learned.

3. I flew again to Tampa towards the end of the month to tag along with Don who was going to an event. I figured I’d love to take time to be near the water and hang out with one of my best friends who lives in the area. I had a fabulous time enjoying the beach, seeing my friend, and then hanging out with the people at Don’s event.

Overall I feel like January was a very full-of-life month where I had lots of travel and friend time.

4. My Sister Circle and I had our visioning call for 2019, where we took time to think about what we wanted to create for 2019. I treasure our vision calls (and our quarterly check-up calls and normal weekly calls) because it creates time to get clear on what I want, and because I feel like our amplified vision for each other really makes magic happen.

5. CustomHappy, my warehouse, was featured in a Printwear magazine article for the second time. It feels nice to get media attention for our work.

6. I hired someone to start running Facebook ads traffic to my Jumpstart course. The offer has been converting beautifully, even going as high as a 5 to 1 ratio (making $5 for every $1 spent) which is apparently VERY rare for an offer out the gate. I’m proud of the strong offer and the high-converting webinar.

7. The warehouse created and shipped over 84,000 items in January 2019, which was a 63.58% increase over last year.

8. I had a friend and very successful author help me think of an idea for my upcoming book. I was planning on going a whole different direction, but after hearing his thoughts and getting confirmation from those around me, I am now very excited about what I am going to create. I have always known I have a NY Times Bestselling book within me (even though I am well aware that this is an ego metric goal) and I am looking forward to writing this.

9. We finished a beta Warehouse Management System for our fulfillment clients at CustomHappy. It looks AWESOME and will help our clients see their inventory in real time, watch as things ship, and provide a lot of help for all of us in streamlining and making things as simple as possible.

10. I’ve been doing a great job with my morning routine. I stretch everyday, meditate, write down my yearly goals, write what I’m grateful for, and take time for clarity.

I set up a “consequence” for myself with some accountability for not working on my routine (this was my mentor’s idea) and it’s made all the difference. I do everything in my routine at least 5 times a week.

11. Some people in my businesses have been giving me weekly reports (yet another idea from my mentor) where they go over what was done the previous week, their overall morale, their past week’s successes and victories, and any ideas for improving the company that they may have. I’m really glad to have incorporated this into my businesses because it helps me get an ongoing feel for how everyone is doing/feeling and I LOVE that there’s space for people to share ideas that they may not have otherwise.

12. People from Jumpstart  and Low Hanging System are still doing great!! Here’s some of the latest results:

Overall, lots of wins!

What about you? What would you like to “brag” about? :)

Please feel free to post – I’d LOVE to celebrate you!

January brags

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